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Jul 15, 2009 10:53 PM

Sunday Brunch

Heyas all.. I have looked around here and other forums and have found mixed reviews. I was looking for a Sunday brunch with jazz and drinks. I had originally settled on The Veranda, but have since heard negative reviews. I looked at Begue's, but also have heard negative reviews and I am not sure if they have music. Any recommendations besides these 2 or input on either of these? I thought for 45 dollars The Veranda with music, food and a all you can drink bloody mary bar was a steal. We will be there August 9th. Thanks!

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  1. I would highly recommend the jazz brunch at Commader's Palace. The food is absolutely wonderful. Request a seat in the garden room.I don't believe they have all you can drink bloody mary's, but their drinks are spectacular. I have never been to either of the Sunday brunches you mentioned, so I do not have an opinion either way.

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      I agree--even when Commander's is in one of its frequent lulls bertween celebrity chefs, it is always a great place to go for brunch. Garden Room is always fun, the little room in the turret is also nice. For some inexplicable reason their coffee always seems to be burnt by 1:00 but that won;t be your problem at brunch. Turtle soup is the best commerically available in the city.

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        Is Tory McPhail still at the helm there?

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          Yes. Saw him with my own eyes mid-June.

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            I had the pleasure of going to a "sink hole" de mayo party that a friend of mine threw the Jazz Fest after the hurricane. She was dating Tory at the time and he prepared an unbelievable Mexican spread. Everything he did was incredible. Sadly, they aren't dating anymore, so now I have to go to CP to enjoy his creations.

    2. not sure if Li'L Dizzy's has music, but you should check out their Sunday Brunch at their Esplanade location.

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        Esplanade doesn't have music but is still well worth it. It's also BYOB so bring your champy and they'll mix you mimosas.

        The Whitney Hotel has music but it's not lively and it's not jazz. I don't know what it is but I found the atmosphere lousy (especially compared to Esplanade)

        I had brunch at Arnaud's last year and they had live music.

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          Thanks all. I think after looking at the CP menu I have decided to forgo brunch for lunch at CP

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            If I could, I'd go to Commander's Palace for lunch every day of my life.

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              I am not sure if they serve lunch on Sundays or go from brunch directly to dinner. If you were to go on a Friday, they serve 25 cent martinis. Plan on a leisurely lunch.