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New Mex on 17th SW? (Cgy)

In between Rustic Sourdough and the newly expanded (and HUUUUGE) Moxies around 17th Ave and 12 St SW is a little yellow house that has been a consignment store for as long as I've lived in Calgary. It closed a month or so ago and crews have been doing major renos since, including building a deck out front, so I suspected this was going to be an eatery of some description.

Today I was getting some deutsche goodies at Rustic and asked the gal at the cash register is she knew what was happening next door--I actually was thinking it was attached to Rustic somehow, maybe a cafe or a German resto- but she said a MEXICAN place.

I don't want to get my hopes up, I don't, there was an overpriced and poor Mex place on 14th that died a few years ago, but I can't help but be intrigued. I'll keep everyone posted- if anybody knows more, please share!

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    1. UPDATE! Met the owner (well, somebody involved with the resto) and here's the poop, or the merda:

      Name: "Los Chillitos"
      Format: Mexican (NOT "Latin," not central American, MEXICAN) casual, and yes kids that means tacos autenticos!
      Opening: mid-August.

      That's all I know for now, but it's promising! I'm more excited than if I were dining at El Bulli!

      1. Hey,

        Do anyone know if this place opened yet? Reviews?

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          1. re: John Manzo

            Still very empty inside it looks like, but the patio is coming together nicely!

            1. re: Pintye

              Walked by a few minutes ago- and wow that patio is packed with tables now. Looks like they're doing work on the kitchen (through the windows on the right side). Shoudln't be too long...

              1. re: John Manzo

                Must have taken alot of work inside though considering what the place looked like before inside when it was the consignment store. The tables outside look nice though, they definitely seem to be cramming the patio full.

                1. re: Pintye

                  Let us all hope that this new restaurant is as awesome as that Mexican place on the corner of Memorial and Kensington.

                      1. re: ChrisA

                        That;s not mex, it's Edmontonian. This new place is actually run by Mexicans, I met some of them.

              1. re: Susanbnyc

                unless they opened this morning, nope. Frustrating as with every opening. Sure looks cloooooooose though.

                1. re: John Manzo

                  Update: Saw some fellas moving equipment in/around today, windows were open so I walked up the steps to their cheery greeting. I asked about opening and they said "30 days."

                  They assured me: Real Mexican. They also plan on having a late-night walk-up side window for late-night walk-up tacos.

                  So, we're looking at mid-October here. Hope it's worth the wait.

                  1. re: John Manzo

                    thanks so much for the update, john! really looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. i sorely miss the abundance of awesome mexican that i grew up with in the states. thank god we have mi tierra (and salt & pepper i suppose, although way overpriced and undersized), but i would love to see a crapload more 'authentic' mex food in the YYC.

                    1. re: nonlinear

                      Calgary is definitely lacking in awesome and authentic mexican places. I'm excited for this place to open. I love the idea of a late-night walk-up window!

                      1. re: chromatic

                        What about El Sombrero? I've never been to Mexico, nor had Mexican food in, say, somewhere like California, so I don't really know what authentic Mexican cuisine tastes like. I really enjoyed El Sombrero though it is a bit pricey (fortunately, my friend and I had a 2 for 1 coupon). Would El Sombrero be considered authentic Mexican?

                        1. re: aktivistin

                          I like it but it's just way too pricey, and it's not a taqueria (not sure if this place will be, of course). I know they have muy caro tacos at Sombrero but it's not the same.

                          1. re: John Manzo

                            Juans on 8th ave downtown is pretty good. Really liked their margaritas.

              2. Update- peered inside today and talked to owner Chase, name will be altered a bit to "Los Chillitos Taco and Tequila House," and they'll be specializing in what Chase calls "street tacos" and I say "ME GUSTA!" to that idea. Interior looks damn near done though they need railing for patio completed. I'd say it will seat around 20, small space, all orangey and it really does look like a little taqueria.

                They're shooting for an opening at the end of this month, now.

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                1. re: John Manzo

                  Wow... great news. Any chances that we can hope to see real Baja style fish tacos?

                    1. re: tex_in_yyc

                      he mentioned al pastor and carnitas- so I'd think fish tacos could be on offer, yes indeed.

                  1. Hey John Manzo,
                    looks like we are all awaiting the birth of this "Los Chillitos Taco and Tequila House"...
                    lot'sa action on this topic..... i'd love a really good mexi-baja hit right now....
                    I'm way out in the boonies of bragg,... so keep us posted on the opening....
                    hope it's worth the build up!

                    1. Good news: Drove by last night and saw a bright "open" sign. Hopefully they weren't just testing it.

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                      1. re: can_i_try_some

                        I've been gone (visiting relatives in NW Indiana since Weds) so didn't get to witness this- agenda for today is SUSHI for lunch since I haven't had any for too long but will try Chilito's soon, maybe this this evening.

                        1. re: John Manzo

                          john - looking very forward to hearing about this place! please get on it and let us know ASAP :)

                          1. re: nonlinear

                            3 tacos w/ rice and beans is $12.95- haven't tasted them. Individual tacos are $3. I got the same thing in Griffith Indiana for $8 but it was also horrible.

                            1. re: John Manzo

                              Are you finished eating John? Sounds like there a lot of us waiting for the review. I know I am.

                              1. re: beekeroc

                                Any one know if they do chocolate moulet chicken?

                                1. re: Smudge007

                                  moulet? que?

                                  If you mean MOLE, then I think so.

                      2. Very decent tacos. No fish (yet) but two porks, carnitas and chorizo and shredded chicken too. Not a bit of shredded lettuce or grated cheese in site. Very nice (if single) tortillas. This was MUCH better than the dumbed-down tacos I had (at two places, both mexican owned!) in Chicago area last week.

                        CH isn't letting me post pic but here's a link:


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                          1. re: raidar

                            Definitely the most competent tacos I've had in Calgary. And what they heck is happening now- we have FOUR taquerias here, with Mi Tierra, Las Tortillas, this one in Heritage Mkt and now Chillitos.

                            Chillitos does not, I repeat, not do mission burritos. They do the little ones. I am a little peeved about this but am really happier about having decent tacos so close to my home.

                            Wish list for this place: Fish tacos (to come), better refried beans in the soft, almost soupy consistency you get at real mex places in the US, aguas frescas (at least lime juice please), mole (no, not on the menu), and lower prices wouldn't hurt but I didn't find lunch that pricey- $12.95 for 3 tacos with rice and beans and I also got a small bowl of this beef stew, spicy and not entirely my thing, called biria (I think). You can get tacos a la carte for $3. You can get 6 for $18.95 which comes with salsas too.

                            1. re: John Manzo

                              I like that they do little burritos rather than big ones - I can justify trying more dishes :)

                              1. re: maplesugar

                                Had lunch there today. My husband had a burrito which comes with rice, refried beans and a side of sour cream or crema ( I didn't try it). He was full. The burrito may be smaller than the meatloaf size you get in CA but it's not really small. Oh, and it was covered with shredded lettuce.

                                It is expensive, especially if you want a side of guac at $3 but the quality is very high. I had tacoes with carnitas. You get 2 choices of salsa. I can highly recommend verde. Ranchera wasn't outstanding.

                                This isn't a taqueria, it's a sitdown, table service place. Good quality food but not that much different from El Sombrero. <ducking now>

                                1. re: sharonanne

                                  Well it's more casual than Sombrero, and their focus is tacos, so I call it that.

                                  No issue with Sombrero comparison- I love the food there but their focus is clearly not tacos and the standards ones they sell there are totally canadianized. There guadalajara ones (or whatever they call them) are scary overpriced.

                                  1. re: John Manzo

                                    My husband and I had the conversation about whether it was more or less "authentic" than El Sombrero, not that we are experts. It's kind of in between the hole in the wall places I associate with taquerias and El Sombrero. It's just different. Very good food though and probably worth the drive for us once in a while.

                        1. Just got back from Los Chilitos. $80 for two drinks each and not nearly enough food. Very very dissapointing. Tacos are dry and tiny with nothing other than an ounce of meat in each. No Salsa, lettuce nothing. Shotglass of beans and rice. Sausage and cheese appetizer was dry and no flavour. That's got to be hard to do. $6 beers. Went home and had a sandwich. Why would they open like this? Not going back for sure.

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                          1. re: Busted Flat in Marda Loop

                            they give me two salsas. Lettuce has no place in tacos. No way in hell was any of my tacos one ounce.

                            I spent $17 and had too much food, but I don't waste my dollar on booze. And since when is $6 a lot for a beer? This isn't a damn bar.

                            1. re: John Manzo

                              It may not be a "damn bar", but It's a restaurant on a bar strip selling damn expensive $6 beers.

                              1. re: Satiated

                                Is $6 expensive? At a resto?

                                I've paid $10 for a bottle of lambic peche but to be honest I don't care for beer. Sure as hell wouldn't judge a resto by how much I spent for booze.

                                1. re: John Manzo

                                  $6 for mexican beer is cheap. For domestics, not so much but not really expensive, either, $5 is average.

                                  "wouldn't judge a resto by how much I spent for booze" I wouldn't judge but the booze prices are an indication of whether (overall) the place is a good deal - I haven't been so I can't say for sure.

                                  1. re: hsk

                                    It's a fine deal. It's not taco truck cheap but not remotely expensive.

                                  2. re: John Manzo

                                    i would say $6 for a bottle of beer is expensive. IMO the tacos manzo posted DO look good, but i would also say $80 for 4 drinks and a few tacos IS expensive - particularly if they are dry meat (blech) AND you have to eat again once you get home. (haha)

                                    but then again, calgarians are accustomed to paying an arm and a leg for food and service that would be considered merely OK relative to many other simarily-sized cities in North America. I know manzo strongly disagrees with that, but that's how I see it, anyhow.

                                  3. re: Satiated

                                    I think their pricing is totally reasonable and their portions are just right. I like El Sombrero, but it is expensive and the last couple of times I've been there it hasn't been that great.
                                    The meat in our tacos was a bit dry when we went and I agree with John about the refried beans.

                                    We spoke to the owner while we were there and they said they are going to open a side window for late night tacos (which will be very welcome after all the $6 beers).

                                2. re: Busted Flat in Marda Loop

                                  Lettuce and cheese do not belong in tacos. Okay, maybe queso blanco, but that's IT.

                                  I have to go here. That pic JM put up looks awesome.

                                  1. re: Busted Flat in Marda Loop

                                    Odd, I had 2 salsas (of my choice) that came in shot glasses with my tacoes . The rice and beans weren't huge but they were certainly bigger than the salsa shot glasses. I wonder if they are that inconsistent.

                                    1. re: sharonanne

                                      $6 for a bottled beer wouldn't bother me at all if it was a nice place with decent food. This isn't either of those things. We were one of only two tables for the night. Maybe Manzo was at the other but they didn't look happy either.
                                      We lived in Southern California the last 5 years and never saw a taco that came with nothing but sawdust. Off to Mexico next week... I will keep my eyes open for a taco with nothing in it.

                                      1. re: Busted Flat in Marda Loop

                                        A taco has cilantro, diced onions and maybe a little pico. Lime squeeze too. Fish tacos are different.

                                        1. re: John Manzo

                                          A little from the original topic, but I agree with John. Tacos in Mexico have very little. Sure the fillings can be everything from potato to tripe to chicken..the everyday version is pretty straight forward like mentioned. To snag a line from Rick Bayless, who agrees with Diana Kennedy on this.

                                          'Most Mexicans I know just laugh when they think of tacos heaped with ground beef, lettuce and American cheese. They're a long way from the authentic double thickness of corn tortillas, wrapped around a biteful of meat, sprinkled with a sharp sauce and a little fragrant onion and fresh coriander (cilantro). And enjoyed standing up, as a tasty snack'.

                                          Either way, it's nice to see the cuisine expanding in Calgary, and gives me another place to try when I swing down from Edmonton.

                                          1. re: John Manzo

                                            i think the point he is trying to make is that there wasn't much filling in the tacos - NOT that it was missing lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, etc. like you get at taco bell :)

                                            (being that he lived in so cal for 5 years, he *should* know what a taco is hahaah).

                                            Busted Flat: have you tried Mi Tierra? get one of their "more tacos" plates. I promise you won't go hungry :)

                                            1. re: nonlinear

                                              It is perfectly possible to eat nothing but those Americanized tacos in SoCal. Those kinds of places are all over the place there.

                                              1. re: Shazam

                                                well, i suppose, but so is 'real' mexican. how could you miss it?

                                                1. re: nonlinear

                                                  Our inability to agree on what a taco is must be the reason we've had so much trouble sustaining a decent and truly authentic Mexican place here. The posted photo looks like a pretty real taco to me (by my standards of real taco. Have spent many months in Mexico as well as in SoCal, eating tacos as many of those days as I could). I gave up looking quite some time ago, but recently happened upon a taqueria in the Heritage flea market (el Mariachi Loco, I think) which makes them like you'd find in Mexico. Didn't know about Tu Tierra, etc until last night, though, so can't compare yet.

                                                  1. re: mandersen

                                                    im starting to think that "authentic"is a really overused word.there are so many different variables that you cant call anything authentic.who made it when ,historical aspects .tacos are different across mexico ,not to mention that they got there ingredients from across the pond ,"authenticity"is an over rated overused word....if it tastes good eat it .there is no such thing as authentic

                                                    1. re: howlin

                                                      You're probably right. I guess by 'authentic' I mean 'like you'd get from a street stall in Mexico.' I guess even with that there would be some variation. But for all the travelling I've done in Mexico there I've never seen anything called a taco that bears any resemblance to any taco I've had in Calgary (other than at el Mariachi Loco). On the other hand, there has been a definite similarity among all the tacos I've had all over Mexico, so I just take a shortcut and call that kind of taco 'authentic.' I should point out that I've also had the same kind of tacos in California, Oregon, and Chicago. It seems like its a pretty consistent thing for anywhere that has a substantial Mexican population or influence. I guess If I liked the tacos I've had at Mexican places here, it probably wouldn't bug me as much that they're different, but I really just find them a pale imitation. What I consider a real taco is so frickin delicious, I don't know why you'd want to dull it down and end up with something closer to Taco Bell than anything. Maybe there's some weird little town in Mexico that makes bland tacos and that's where all the Calgarian proprieters came from and I've just never been there so I just assumed they were dumbing it down for people who've only eaten at resorts or something. Juan's used to do Mexican like I find in Mexico when it was on 1st street, but something happened when they moved to 8th and it became like all the other Mexican places I've tried in town. Ok, but not really the same cuisine that I love so much it makes me crazy. Viva la comida Mexicana! Woooo!

                                                      1. re: mandersen

                                                        Try Los Chillitos or Mi Tierra Tu Taqueria and stop complaining. You can get better tacos in Calgary than just about anywhere in Canada these days.

                                                        1. re: John Manzo

                                                          john is right - calgary does now offer the best mexican in western canada, without a doubt.

                                    2. I must say I love some crap fast food too often. Taco bell crunch wrap supreme with chili cheese fries on the side. (what is that sauce they call "cheese" sauce, wait you're right ignorance is bliss).
                                      At Taco time I like those crunchy beef tacos with the lousy icberg lettuce and cheap shreded chedder, mmmmmmmm.

                                      Having said that I am ecstatic to have, through here found Las Tortillas and more importantly Tu Tierra, heavenly!!

                                      Going to scope out the little yellow house now. Thanks for finding these places.

                                      1. WOW their chipolte sauce is so good!! I choose the chorizo as my favortite we split a 6 taco plate with one of each 2x beef then had a mexican sub with chorizo. Absolutely perfect.

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                                        1. re: The Gut

                                          glad you liked it! I can't wait for warmer weather and that patio- the place should be much more festive with the windows pulled open and good vibes on the patio. They opened too late to use it last fall.

                                        2. I tried it a few nights ago and finally had Mexican food I like (other than the chicken enchiladas at 4 St Rose, I used to have that weekly many years back). We had the taco plate which had 3 tacos but with double flour tortillas on each, choice of 4 meats (no fish), we had 3 different kinds. Not sure if they were intended to be double wrapped or split, came with rice and beans and two sauces for $12.95. Burrito came with two large ones, also $12.95. I thought the prices were cheap - dinner for two with wine and beer for under $50, and very, very good.

                                          I'd just about given up on Mexican food, I'd had meh food at El Sombrero and los Mariachis (one visit each) and decided maybe I just didn't like authentic mexican. I tried this place because the building looked so quaint, but I'll definitely be back. PS $6 for Negra Modello is NOT expensive, nor is $6.50 for a 6oz glass of decent Malbec. I'm not sure what people expect but I can say I've paid much more in lots of places.

                                          Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House
                                          1309 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C4, CA

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                                          1. re: hsk

                                            2 flour tortillas? are you sure they weren't corn? (i bet they were).

                                            also, el sombero is ANYTHING but authentic (i'm sorry, but you can't find "taco burgers" made with ground beef and Old El Paso seasoning ANYWHERE in mexico), and los mariachis is pretty terrible (we've been 4 or 5 times).

                                            you really need to try Tu Tierra, which is really close to los mariachis on heritage and fairmount. best mexican in western canada, HANDS DOWN.

                                            Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                            8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                            1. re: nonlinear

                                              Absolutely, positively corn tortillas.

                                              1. re: nonlinear

                                                I thought they were flour tortillas because they were white, soft and crepe-ish instead of brightly coloured and grainy textured. I had tacos at los Mariachis that were made with corn tortillas and didn't like them at all, tough and soggy. These were great, but they only had meat in them and I added all the other stuff just before I rolled them up.

                                                I've been meaning to try Tu Tierra, it's just a little too far for spur of the moment (los Mariachis was a chowdown spot before Tu Tierra opened). I think I'll make the trip to compare.

                                                Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                                8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                                1. re: hsk

                                                  Yep, very light in colour- they're steamed, not grilled, so that explains their softness. But they are indeed corn.

                                                2. re: nonlinear

                                                  I finally tried Tu Tierra, it was really good and way better than Los Mariachis but I like the food at Los Chilitos better (which may not mean anything given my limited knowledge of Mexican food). They had the same soft white tortillas which I vastly prefer to the hard brightly coloured ones. The stuffed jalapenos were my favourite, the refried beans more runny than I like them.

                                                  Tu Tierra is quite a bit cheaper and the service was much better, every time I go to Los Chilitos they seem to be overworked and understaffed.

                                                  Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                                  8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                                  1. re: hsk

                                                    I`ll go out of my way for good stuffed jalapenos. Sorry just to clarify were the ones you liked at Los Chilitos or Tu Tierra? I`ve been disappointed at a few places recently who serve the Costco (or Sysco) mass produced stuff.

                                                    Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                                    8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                                    1. re: maplesugar

                                                      We just had lunch Saturday at Los Chillitos, definitely no stuffed jalapeƱos there. I had tacos, al pastor and adobo, and partner had a chicken torta. Everything was fantastic, in fact this was the best visit I've had so far. Patio is very nice!

                                                      1. re: John Manzo

                                                        stuffed jalapenos? maybe you guys are thinking of chiles rellenos, which are stuffed poblanos. they are DANG delicious!

                                                        1. re: John Manzo

                                                          Welcome back John :)

                                                          Glad to hear you enjoyed Los Chillitos - I had friends tell me they went, it was super busy and they ended up on the lower patio with a less than enthusiastic server and waited and waited and eventually left having never been able to place an order. I`m hoping that was an off night since I`d love to take T there this week.

                                                        2. re: maplesugar

                                                          They were at Tu Tierra. I haven't seen stuffed jalapenos at Los Chilitos either. I'd only had the bought jalapeno poppers before and when I asked the guy if that's what they were he huffily (but in a nice way) said no everything is made here. They were really good. You get about 5 and a basket of tortillas, it's under the appetizers. I think $8 (or maybe $11).

                                                          Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                                          8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                                          1. re: hsk

                                                            Thanks for clarifying. I really have to make it to Tu Tierra one of these days.

                                                            When I see them on a menu I`m always excited - I`ve taken to asking if they`re `house made` - and if they say no I know I`m probably in for over breaded processed cheese jalapeno bullets so I order something else :)

                                                  2. just finished eating here, was really excited for it Calgary sucks for Mexican. Iet me tell you it has not arrived in Los Chilitos. I'm a vegetarian and my husband is a huge carnivore and both of us were dissapointed. Hid Beef burrito had no seasoning NONE and was wrapped in a flour tortilla with a smear of beans inside that's all plain old beef nothin' on it and a 1/4 of it he left on the side of his plate cause it was all grisly. My Veterinarian burrito which when I asked if they could do one, he seemed like yeah no problem like they get that request often, was a smear (I'm talking maybe in one of 2 bites) of re fried beans a bunch of lettuce a few really tiny pineapple pieces and a couple tomatoes. The only cheese was a bout 10 pieces shredded and melted on top. The rice we all got was hard and the Pico de Gallo and sour cream they gave you was couple days old you could tell by the taste of the onions and both came in teaspoon portions. Even though Mine had nothing but lettuce they still charged me the full 12.95 for my burrito. The manager or maybe owner came when we were leaving and asked how everything was and I told him lackluster to which he did a nervous giggle and left, didn't even care to know why. Too bad cause the service was good other than that. Yeah really to bad will never go back.
                                                    Best I have had so far in Mexican in Calgary is Los Mariachis on McLeod trail

                                                    Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House
                                                    1309 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C4, CA

                                                    1. Since Mexico is Alberta's favorite playground during our 7 month of winter, it is a suprise that no local restaurant group has taken a serious stab at creating authentic Cocina Mexicana yet.

                                                      Germany got a Greek place in almost every town these days, because the demand for that "vacation food" supports it. Or Spanish restaurants for that matter. Unless it's because of the immigrants there?

                                                      1. Checked out Chilitos' last week and don't have too much to add:

                                                        Our food was good, very fresh and the standouts were the homemade tortillas and the pork filling with pineapple (I think adobos). However, I did think it was a little bit expensive for the amount of food that you recieve and I although their salsa's were fresh I didn't find them as good as I expected.

                                                        The service was poor, but the place was absolutely packed, and this was on a monday night! They really did ok considering there should have been at least 2 more servers.

                                                        It just seems hard to pay that much when you know what they cost in Mexico...but you will definately see me on their patio this year.

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                                                        1. re: crazy_eoj

                                                          Short staffed/busy/poor service seems to be an unfortunate theme.

                                                          I don't think it's fair to compare food prices in Mexico vs Canada. The minimum daily wage is 55-58 pesos/$5Cdn a DAY. Of course food is going to cost more here than there! http://www.mexperience.com/discover/d...

                                                          1. re: maplesugar

                                                            With a very reasonable balance in the labour market here now- in fact, unemployment is up to a shocking, in post-mid-90s Calgary context, 7.6% in this city- I don't think resto owners have the excuses anymore about being short staffed. That said, I have only been for lunch and service has been good.

                                                            1. re: John Manzo

                                                              Sorry, I just meant it was an unfortunate theme in the reviews I've read/buzz I've heard about Los Chillitos not a general trend.

                                                              1. re: maplesugar

                                                                Like John, I've been there a couple of times now (for lunch), and have always had quick and pleasant service, not to mention very good mexican food. I found the price quite fair as well, all things considered (especially considering location). Really, it's a touch cheaper than most other sit-down lunch spots I regularly frequent.

                                                          2. re: crazy_eoj

                                                            I have also been to Los Chilitos recently. The food was very good, but I agree that the service was really sub par. There was only one server on during a busy Saturday lunch and she was clearly overwhelmed. We were very patient with the ridiculously long waits for everything, but lost our patience when we finally went to pay and were charged the same price (over 10 dollars) for a double marg (i.e. with 2 shots of alcohol) and a virgin marg (i.e. juice). The waitress and manager laughed when we said that this made no sense - and said to us "that's how we do it here". We haven't been back since.

                                                            1. re: Jigga

                                                              Jigga! :)

                                                              Yikes $10+ for what amounts to mix is highway robbery. Period. I was going to send DH over there for lunch since dinner seems to be where they're having issues - he's in YYC for a conference - but now I'm thinking not.

                                                              1. re: maplesugar

                                                                You don't HAVE to have a margarita. The food is absolutely worth it- just get the pork and chicken, beef is dry and chewy.

                                                                1. re: John Manzo

                                                                  Oh I know but he or one of his colleagues would probably order the zero alcohol version expecting like Jigga that they'd be charged less since there was no alcohol. Too many variables - full price for virgin drinks, avoid the beef, service is iffy...I wouldn't want him to lose face by suggesting the place and be embarassed when something goes wrong kwim?

                                                            1. re: darelleats

                                                              I have and I liked it, but it was probably only the second pozole I've ever had in my life, so take my word with a grain of salt!

                                                            2. I've been to Los Cholitos twice now, maybe it's my luck but the meat has been dry, dry, dry each time.

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                                                              1. re: Major_9000

                                                                Went back for a third visit to Los Chilitos. Service has been sketchy each time I have eaten there. Quite a contrast to Tu Tierra where they have always been welcoming and efficient. Nearly was turned away due to "reservations" for empty tables with no reserved signs. Glad we weren't, the food was good again, the chicken torta and the pork gringa were both tasty and filling. I really wish that service was more an emphasis at Los Chilitos because the food almost makes up for it.

                                                                Tu Tierra Restaurant
                                                                8316 Fairmount Dr SE #30, Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8, CA

                                                                1. re: Paksenn

                                                                  They have a stand in the "new Cal famer's market" Blackfoot near heritage.

                                                                  Tacos excellente, finding a place to sit on weekend, impossible.