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Jul 15, 2009 07:47 PM

SEA - Trendy, Affordable, (semi-)Vegetarian ??

My friend and I got a great rate at the Sheraton, so we'll be coming for a Monday and Tuesday night in August. We're looking for restaurants that are unique, a little trendy, a little offbeat, and not priced in the high-end range. I am a vegetarian but my friend isn't. I will eat anything non-meaty (Ethiopian, Korean, Indian, raw etc.) but my friend is a little bit more conservative in her choices (just a bit- we're not talking Applebees here!). We're coming from Victoria, where we love restaurants ilke Rebar, Mo:le and Red Fish Blue Fish. We probably won't hit any clubs on Monday and Tuesday night :) but we'd love to know some good bars, lounges or even pubs close to the recommended restaurants. If it's any reference point, our bar of choice in Victoria is usually Lucky. We're both twenty-five, so we're looking for drinking spots with patrons in their twenties or thirties, not their teens!

Recommendations? I haven't been to Seattle in years so I have NO ideas!


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  1. Tango has a lot of options for semi-vegetarians. Everything there is good.

    Can't help you out with the bars, I'm an ancient 45, and don't know the hot watering holes for young hipsters. Maybe try Yelp for that?

    Tango Restaurant
    1100 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101

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      Get to the the Transit Tunnel on third Avenue or under Macy's and go South to the International District station. There are lots of restarants there, most with vegetarian options and good economy. For Vietnamese, see (in increasing order of cost)Lemongrass, at 1207 S Jackson Street, Green Leaf, near 7th & Jackson or Tamarind Tree Tree, close to 12th and Jackson.
      Plan to spend a good part of a day cruising the Pike Place market, where vegetables reign.

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        Just a note - depending on how strict a vegetarian you are Vietnamese may not be a good choice (fish sauce in most dishes). We found that out when trying to find dishes that our coworker who keeps kosher could eat.

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            Pardon any inaccuracies in my explanation - I am no authority on kosher food! Fish sauce is often made with shrimp (or other shellfish) and assorted fish. Not all fish is kosher and shrimp certainly isn't, and since there's no way the average Vietnamese resto uses "certified kosher" fish sauce (if such a thing even exists), my coworker skips anything with fish sauce which is pretty much everything on the menu.

    2. I don't go out that much but since i am only a wee bit older than you guys i'll try to offer some suggestions:

      I would suggest for you guys to spend most of your time in Capitol Hill (unless you are allergic to hipsters) because it has the best concentration of what you've described you are looking for and it would be a 2 mile walk from your hotel. For a trendy, semi vegetarian meal that is very interesting you should check out Poppy on Capitol Hill. It can be somewhat pricey but if you guys split a Thali and order an appetizer it might be enough food. or there are bar plates that are cheaper, but that sounds like it might be ideal for you guys. Tango as mentioned from another hound is also in Capitol Hill. Monsoon or Pho Cyclo are good for Vietnamese with Monsoon being higher end and more fusion like. Via Tribunali offers good pizza. Glo's is my favorite breakfast place. Good sandwiches at Baguette Box. Great coffee at Victrola and Vivace. As for bars to check out, I would say to check out the Cha Cha Lounge which is in the basement of Bimbo's Kitchen. And i've heard good things about the speakeasy bar, Knee High Stocking Co.

      Aside from Capitol Hill, you might want to check out Fremont and Ballard and possible the University District. Have fun.

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        Poppy looks lovely! It's totally my kind of restaurant, unfortunately there is no way in hell I'll be able to convince my friend to spend $32 on dinner. She's a grad student, I'm a "young professional"! :) Maybe she'll let me treat her! Maybe I'll pretend my mom is treating us!

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          Well, I believe that Poppy has a happy hour from 5 - 7pm but you might want to call them to check on that. And happy hours would be a good way to eat on the cheap at a lot of places. mrnelso's Vietnamese rec's are all great too. You mentioned Ethiopian too in your first post and I think that Meskel is the best place for that. It is really tasty, and very light on the wallet.

      2. Hey Jetgirly... I just got back from Seattle to Calgary. I had a great experience with Steelhead Diner at Pike Market. Some veg options, and you don't have to go expensive. Maybe not club trendy, but definitely sorta neat. Sorry to say that the clubbing/lounge days are behind me, so I didn't check out the area for that.

        And the tofu sub at Baguette Box was good as well!

        You can look at the thread I had as well :

        As you can see, I'm still missing the PacNW... :-)

        1. The Honeyhole is a really yummy sandwich place on Capitol Hill. They have good veggie options- the El Guapo is really good and the veggie BLT is another favorite. I really like the atmosphere-dark, kind of loungy, kind of punk rock. Sort of.

          1. I'm a little stuck by the "trendy" part, since I'd normally think of that as a pejorative term (like, the food's not good but it's cool to be seen there, until the crowds flee to the next trendy place). I wonder if you mean popular/lively. But, I'm going to throw out a few restaurants that I think might fit the bill, but definitely look at their websites to see if you think it works. None are all vegetarian but all have veg options. I consider all affordable
            Olivar (the small plates are actually pretty big)
            Via Tribunali
            Osteria La Spiga
            Cafe Presse
            Green Leaf
            Black Bottle
            Pink Door (get a deck table)

            Capitol Hill is a very lively neighborhood just up from downtown, with many good restaurants and much more affordable restaurants than downtown. Check happy hour threads here--you can eat well and cheaply that was downtown. BOKA and Maximilien in the Market and a couple of my favorite happy hours downtown.