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Jul 15, 2009 07:46 PM

Nashville's best sandwich--

Nashville doesn't strike me as a great sandwich town. In the hope that I'm wrong I ask for your favorite currently available favorites. I think that hamburgers, pulled pork, hot chicken and fish have been well covered so consider that when posting. Thanks.

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  1. I am a big fan of the Iroquois and Commodore sandwiches at Bread and Company. But I like chicken salad and if you don't these would not be a good choice. A girl friend of mine raves about the egg salad at Which Wich. I have never tried it since I don't like egg salad

    1. I like this topic!

      I would vote for the BLT at Mitchell Delicatessen in East Nashville. Especially this time of year, with great ripe local tomatoes, it is awesome. The Benton's bacon, normally a bit overwhelming for me on its own, is perfect in this context. But what really makes it is the Silke's bread.

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        I have a few additions:

        Back to Cuba at Harding and 65 has a GREAT cuban sandwich, and large enough to share.

        I'll second the chicken salad/Iroquois at Bread and Co., and will add the Bacon/almond/cheddar spread at Food Co. in Green Hills. It is similar to a pimento cheese but has a kick and BACON instead of pimentos. (Also great as a dip/spread.)

        I must also mention the subs at Sub Stop -- the old school homemade tuna salad is delish, they also have great soups too.

        Lastly, I think 12th South taproom does some great sandwiches and has a good variety.