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This board has a thread about fresh corn in the Boston area. Well, we just finished a drive around Litchfield County, and all the farms seem to be offering are Zucchini, yellow squash and a few tomatoes.

Chowhounders, I beseech you to reveal your favorite Connecticut farms for corn (Hartford county would be great, specifically).

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  1. In recent weeks, the corn at Bishop's in Guilford (exit 57 from I-95) has gradually moved up from Florida to Georgia: I don't think New England corn is in yet.

    Around here (Guilford, CT) the best place to get good corn used to be Fonicello's, but they died a year or two ago. There is a nice stand on rte 146 outside of (downtown) Branford just before Lennie's, and there's another place on 146 further along toward Guilford where the corn seems to be their own, but neither has fresh local corn yet. Another couple of weeks, perhaps, given this years' strange weather. And by then Bishop's will probably have local corn too.

    Sorry, no information on Hartford County.

    1. It's been a tough year, garden- and farm-wise; but I have seen a sign that they have native corn at the veggie stand across from the lake at Mt.Tom (Litchfield County). In New Haven County, we bought some local corn at Robert Treat Farm in Milford(http://www.roberttreatfarm.com/) on Saturday, July 11 -- the person there said it was fhe first day they had it on sale, and it was delicious. So give it a week, maybe ten days, and Hartford County corn should hopefully be ready,.

      1. two weeks ago, one vendor had corn at the Simsbury farmers' market. it seemed suspiciously early and i didn't go for it, but maybe tomorrow?

        1. didn't grow it this year. good thing given the cool temps.

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            Mine seems to be doing well. Better than the rotting zucchini and I'm sure the tomatoes will follow suit. Cukes just disappeared.

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              I just checked with my produce supplier and Ct. native corn is available, coming from northern Ct.

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                Agreed. Here in Granby CT and Southwick Ma, the local growers have been picking for about a week. The corn is small. but delicious. Runs @ $6 a dozen everywhere.

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              The COOL TEMPS? We have been in steamy heat-wave conditions from the latter part of June until now. Farm stands are ripe with produce from all the heat! Is there some micro-climate going down in southern CT?

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                You just replied to steve h.'s post from LAST June (2009), FYI...

            3. "Native corn" can be a confusing term. There are farmstands and folks in the farmer's markets selling what they call "native corn" as early as May. It certainly isn't from around here. I'm not sure what they are using it to mean - a certain variety of corn perhaps? Or maybe they're implying that it's domestic?
              Also, the corn that pops up before the end of July is very different than the late summer corn. I'm not sure whether it's a different variety or different growing methods are used, but the flavor is all sweet and no corn. I don't remember there ever being local corn around in July when I was a kid. My favorite growers to buy from don't have corn until mid-August, and it tastes the way I remember corn tasting when I was a kid.

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                A bit off topic, but I need to rant.

                The term "native", as used by retailers in reference to produce, makes me crazy. Yeah, some of the crops you are selling might be native, but plenty of them sure aren't. You could have an apple tree growing in your front yard and you could be selling those apples off a table ten feet away, but unless you are in the mountain of central asia, they are so NOT native. They are not, how you say?, indigenous.

                The proper term is LOCAL. But in popular use, native seems to be taking hold. You see it in more and more signage. That's all very well in a badly hand-painted sign on a piece of old packing crate for a sale off the back of a truck, as in "NATIVE APPELS AND PUMPKINS". In that context it is to be expected and is almost charming. But it is showing up on more formal signs, manufactured signs with increasing prevalence. It has become a marketing term. It bugs. Will we be reading about nativores next? Ugh.

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                  Uh-oh, one of the "natives" is restless, I see. ;) But I sure don't think "native" is new...it's been around as long as I can remember, native Yankee that I am.

              2. I am a corn fanatic. I have found, without a doubt that Rosedale Farms, consistently has the best corn in Central Connecticut. They have two locations, their farm, on East Weatogue St in Simsbury (just off RT 185) directions at:


                And they sell at Moscarillo's a garden store on RT 44 in West Hartford. I say the best for a couple of reasons. When ripe they offer 3 kinds of corn-butter and sugar, silver queen and super sweet. The later is heaven. Naturally they pick every day. And they take care to pick what's at peak. They give you a free ear with every half dozen. It just doesn't get any better.

                1. Since I no longer have ties to the area I feel safe in revealing that the best corn is to be found at Towne's Farm in Morris...directly on Rte 209 just off Morris Center.

                  Usually it is in season starting in late July...not sure about status this year. They call it "butter and sugar" corn and it is sweet and delicious.

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                    Late July should be about right. Last week's Litchfield County Times noted that all the rain delayed plantings and said, IIRC, that local corn should be available in two to three weeks.

                  2. Thanks, Chowhounds, for the great information. I can't wait to start making fresh corn fritters, chowder, and corn pudding. Of course, the *first* thing I do when I bring home a dozen or two ears is boil water and immerse corn for a minimal amount of time and then dig in!

                    1. Great idea for a thread! My favorites around the Middletown area are as follows:

                      Q-P Farm Market, Route 66 (1339 Portland Cobalt Rd.)
                      (860) 342-5030

                      ROCKY HILL
                      Gilbert Farm, 730 Elm St.
                      (860) 571-0373

                      Route 68 heading away from 91 toward Durham
                      No names for you, but there are TWO stands on 68 with wonderful corn

                      I haven't seen corn in Wallingford yet and haven't hit Gilbert's yet this year, but Q-P has been GREAT as always. Will post if/when I have futher updates. Gilbert's is a must-go-to spot for corn in the Greater Hartford area.

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                      1. re: kattyeyes

                        I have to agree about Rosedale Farms. Best corn you can get!

                        1. re: Tinkerbelldee

                          Thank you--is that the name of one of the Wallingford stands? There's the one with the greenhouse and barn, then the one with the little wooden-latticed stands (less formal). EXCELLENT!

                        2. re: kattyeyes

                          Stopped at Gilbert Farm on the way home tonight. BEST CORN OF THE SEASON THUS FAR. Each place I've listed above is a favorite, but I think Gilbert Farm may be the TOP OF THE CROP! Anyone else a big fan? I even bought extra ears so I can make dumplings or chowder (or something/anything).

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                            Picked up native butter 'n sugar from Q-P in Portland today...that's right, the corn comes direct from Route 17, can't get much more native than that! They were a decent size, too...and now they are CHOWDA!

                          2. Native corn at the New Haven Farmers' Market today - from Stone Gardens Farm in Shelton. They definitely grew it themselves and have a stand at their farm as well.

                            1. Frankie's Fruit and Vegetable Stand on Hartford Turnpike in North Haven (just north of intersection with Upper State St.)
                              I was enjoying his corn grown right next to the stand 10 days ago (July 8th!) before leaving for Maine. He said he thought the white corn would be ready when I returned. Best corn.
                              Also, excellent eggs from really nice chickens.

                              1. Scott's farm stand on Rt. 153 in Essex has had excellent corn 3 of the last 4 years, the odd year was just ok. The earliest corn seems to be the pale white varieties.

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                                  The corn now appearing in local markets and referred to as 'local' is grown up north of Hartford~Windsor. According to my sources, it is grown on former tobacco fields and has a cover of some sort that makes it grow faster...It is very sweet.

                                2. We always make a stop at Paul & Sandy's on Route 66 on the Marlborough/East Hampton town line. It's about 5 miles off Route 2. Great shop all season long - and a terrific place for pumpkins in the fall too!

                                  1. Wade's on Simsbury Rd. near the West Hartford/Bloomfield line or Eddy Farms in Newington on Willard Ave just south of Cedar St

                                    1. Native Connecti-corn is early this year! Just had my first ear tonight from Berruti's Harvest House in Glastonbury...sweet, tender and perfect. MUST GET MORE TOMORROW! I asked where it was from and was told South Windsor, so I'm anxiously awaiting native corn from all my favorite stands. Are you finding it near you? :) Check, check, check!

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                                        I just picked up some corn from Botticello Farm in Manchester for dinner tonight. They also have THEIR OWN TOMATOES!!!!!! Hallelujah, tomatoes that actually taste good are back.

                                        I'll have to see if Gutt Family Farm is open yet (in Glastonbury). They are my favorite stop for corn.

                                        1. re: mels

                                          Funny, I was just at Gutts yesterday after reading about the early corn. Unfortunatly no corn there yet, it was still honor box with only zucchini, yellow squash and a few herbs. I did get some tomatoes and they were pretty good. I then stopped at Roses and they also had tomatoes which were hot house so I'm thinking that's what the gutt tomatoes might have been since its so early and they were just good. Next time by I will ask. Katty and Mel how was the corn?

                                          1. re: geminigirl

                                            Hi, geminigirl--the corn was sweet and delicious! Then I picked up 6 nice native ears of butter 'n sugar at Q-P Market (farm stand in Portland) and made chowder. Mmmmm!

                                            Where is the Gutt Family Farm?

                                            1. re: kattyeyes

                                              Mmm, I can't wait to get some! Gutt is hidden away a bit, a tiny roadside stand check out the link, I don't think they have a web site.


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                                                Cool, thanks, I'll be near Addison Rd. tomorrow! I still need to check what's happening at Gilbert's Farm in Rocky Hilll, too. They're one of my very favorites.

                                                1. re: kattyeyes

                                                  and thanks to you as well, never heard of Gilberts, will have to check them out as well!

                                                  1. re: geminigirl

                                                    More info for you here. They really DO grow the sweetest corn in central CT! :)

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                                              The Botticello Farms corn was good but not excellent, however I am admittedly picky when it comes to fresh corn. Gutt picks multiple times a day so that may explain why their corn always tastes better to me compared to other places. I will have to check out the one in Rocky Hill next time I am over that way.

                                            3. re: mels

                                              For those of you interested in Gutt, I picked up corn tonight. The price is $.60 per ear, $3.00 for 6, or $6.00 for 12.

                                              1. re: bulldog69

                                                just had some corn this weekend fron Gutt, and it's been the best of the few places i've been yet this season. Also good, Draghis, and Beruttis, but not as good as Gutt imho.

                                          2. 2010 CORN SEASON!! Just had some last night-from Botticello Farms, in Manchester. Tony Botticello was unloading the truck with a new fresh picked batch at 4:30 (timing is everything) he husked an ear and ate it without even cooking it! I had to try that, and must say "that is DELICIOUS". Best corn I have ever eaten. & a bargain to boot @ 5.00/dozen....I understand they are at the Hebron Farmers Market in Hebron, ct. today-I will be there to pick up some more to enjoy tonite with their fresh CT greenhouse grown tomatoes.

                                            1. Logue's Farm stand in Woodbury is open. We had their corn night before last and it was excellent. They also have tomatoes and zucchs. It's a family farm just off of Rt-6 and the kids run the vegetable stand.

                                              1. Had some very tasty corn from Robert Treat Farm in Milford today. Plump, sweet - perfect.

                                                1. At the beginning of native corn season, the man at Berruti's Farm Stand (G'bury) said this first corn is good, but better corn is coming. Monday I asked if it was time yet and he said it was. The corn variety is Montauk and I must say it is so far THE BEST corn I have had from any farm stand this year. The ears are huge, butter 'n sugar, and seriously took the number one spot. Their white peaches are mighty fine, too.

                                                  1. We buy corn from a neigbor's farm stand, but I noticed that when his corn is sold in local markets, it's now labeled "super sweet." Well, turns out he's not alone:


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                                                      Neat article! And that Montauk corn I can't shut up about is not a triplesweet variety, either. It's just really tender, sweet and good. And the ears are HUGE!

                                                      1. re: kattyeyes

                                                        I'll have to ask some of the farmers around here about it.

                                                    2. Picked up my first silver queen of the season yesterday in Rocky Hill. Sweet 'n delish!

                                                      Guess it's called Fair Weather Acres now...was Collins Farm. It's the one on the Shunpike (Rte. 3) on the left, south of Century Hills as you head toward Cromwell...with the giant Canada geese on the lawn.

                                                      They had peaches from Belltown Orchards (G'bury), too. Nice selection of local produce.

                                                      1. Old thread, new info. Hi there! Just picked up perhaps the biggest and best corn of the season on Saturday at Berruti's in G'bury. I usually ask what kind, but didn't bother this time. I trust my farmstand friend there. And, as usual, he was right on about this particular corn. DELISH!


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                                                          Wow, that's a late harvest for CT...enjoy!

                                                          1. re: Veggo

                                                            No, no--we always have corn this time of year. It's silver queen season, too, don'tchaknow?

                                                            1. re: kattyeyes

                                                              I've been gone a while. Usually around my birthday time next week we were picking colorful Indian corn for autumn decorations and the acorn drops were pretty colors, too. Global warming?

                                                              1. re: Veggo

                                                                I remember Silver Queen from back-to-school time when I was in high school. Don't think so!

                                                              2. re: kattyeyes

                                                                Our corn comes from a corn stand set up on Park Avenue in Bridgeport everyday, but the farm is actually in Bethlehem, CT. They've had the same location for 30+ years. Drive down in a big blue van with CT License Plate: Mr. Corn.

                                                                This week they are featuring silver queen, but butter and sugar is still available, I buy a split dozen. In fact they give a 14 count dozen. This year's cost is $7. Bought 2-3 times per week all ummer and never a bad ear.

                                                                1. re: bagelman01

                                                                  MR CORN! I love this! I haven't had a bad ear all summer, either, but these were the biggest and tastiest thus far! I think the cool start, followed by too much rain earlier this season, was a little tough on the first waves of corn.

                                                                  1. re: kattyeyes

                                                                    CT grows great corn, but I always thought it was a shame that it wasn't ready for pickin' for 4th of July picnics.