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Jul 15, 2009 06:11 PM

Sept 2-12 - Venice to Bologna to Florence to Tuscany to Rome

What's happening team, looking for a little help with this trip. We know we're doing a lot of places in a small amount of time so here goes. We have 2 days in Venice, staying the w/e in Bologna, 2 days in Florence, 2 days in a farmhouse/vineyard in Tuscany, then 3 days in Rome. We're always looking for great places to eat, we prefer the local spots if anyone has insight to that. We're also looking to lock in a cooking class in bologna and/or Tuscany. Finally, can anyone recommend a nice farmhouse/villa near a vineyard in Tuscany with a pool. We only have two nights. And of course a great restaurant. A good friend recommended this place in Radda in Chianti but we're open to suggestions and other villages... Thanks to all of you

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  1. Have you done searches on this board for these places? There is a tremendous amount of information already here. After some research you can come back with more specific questions.

    1. Can;'t tell from your timing when exactly you will be in Tuscany area- but we just did a one day cooking class at Badia a Colitbuono which is in the Chianti region- fairly close to Florence or Siena. While it wasn't a high level intricate gourmet class, we all enjoyed the hands on 3+ hour preparation followed by a lovely late luncheon and tour of the wine cellar. I have done a one week in Tuscany as well, near Chiusi, but that doesn't sound like an option for you. They have a very comprehensive website and answer email inquiries very promptly. I agree with rrems, if you search, you will find an overabundance of recommendations for the cities you plan to be in- more than you could likely take in.

      1. Google "Vallebuia" farmhouse/winery outside of San Gimignano -- great wine, great pool, great folks. (Thank me later!) They'll tell you the place in town to get the great gnocci with cream sauce and truffles shaved all over the top, oh, and go ahead and get the Florentine steak on the side.