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Jul 15, 2009 06:05 PM

Here's What We've Picked for 1st Trip to Nag's Head

Input?? We are there for a week and would like to do a mix of dining out and cooking in - three or four dinners out (one definitely being on Sunday when we get in) and probably three lunches out, one may be in Corrolla or Duck or Okracoke if we are there on a day trip.

Am I missing anything or am I way off on anything? It's our first time visiting the area.

Not To Miss:
Tourtugas Lie - dinner or lunch?
Basnights Lone Cedar - dinner
Blue Moon Beach Grill - dinner
Kill Devil Grill - dinner

Go if There's Time:
Mama Kwan’s - lunch
Outer Banks Brewing Station - lunch or dinner?
Awful Arthur's - lunch or dinner?
Howard’s – Okracoke lunch

Henry's for breakfast
Beach Bread – good bread for sandwiches
Austins Market in Nags Head – seafood for cooking in
Sugar Shack - seafood for cooking in
produce stand in Kill Devil Hills at Seagate Shopping Center

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  1. Tortugas Lie for Dinner, really, don't miss it.

    1. I have always been a big fan of JK's in Kill Devil Hills. Have had wonderful meals.

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        I also recently read about Goombay's. Should this replace anything on my list? Any other suggestions on my list?

        1. re: miss piggy

          It has been years and years since I've eaten at Goombay's. That's the only testament I can make, that they've been around for so long, they must be doing something right. Your list sounds good to me.

          Also if you're in the mood for pizza, I always go the Daredevil Inn.
          Hope you report back and tell us what you think...

          1. re: miss piggy

            Just got back from Nag's Head and ate at several of the mentioned restaurants:

            Basnight's Lone Cedar - I've tried this restaurant twice, both on Sunday lunch, and can't figure out where the appeal lies. The testamonial on the front of the menu is right up my alley (local fish, local veg, organic meat), but doesn't trump the bad cooking. All of our food was underseasoned and average at best. The best things ordered were fried green tomatoes (pepper jelly was too sweet, but the dish was good) and a crabcake for a child. The rest of our meal consisted of bland and downright poor food. Shrimp & Scallop Bisque with no flavor, Fried whole butterfish (No salt, no sauce), blackened spanish Mackerel (no salt) with pineapple salsa (ok) and terrible, mushy green beans and gluey mashed redskin potatoes (both bland), Seared Tuna Appetizer (No Seasoning) seamingly cut to highlight every piece of white sinew possible. Maybe it's a different story at dinner, but the cooking I've experienced doesn't lead me to believe so.

            Tortuga's Lie - This is a fun restaurant. The food will not blow you away, but it's tasty. Good steamers (cooked perfectly, no grit), Nachos, Wings, Fish tacos, salsa, a great Tuna sandwich (grilled rare w/ plenty of spice, topped with balsamic marinated strawberries and goat cheese) that sounded wierd but turned out nice. Beware of their jerk seasoning. I think it's way too herby tasting (thyme or marjoram) and can ruin an otherwise tasty dish ( like a burger). The prices are very fair for the beach.

            Goombays - Outside of a pretty good burger, soft shell crab sandwich and creamy clam chowder, the food here was sub-par. gritty, overcooked steamers, straight from the freezer appetizer sampler (overbreaded coconut shrimp, fried scallop, Jalapeno crab ball) served with plain spicy brown mustard as a dipping sauce, prefab fries similar to burger king, usnpectacular wings, salsa and blue cheese straight from foodservice. It was almost half as much as Tortugas and wasn't half as good.

            Hope this helps and someone let me know what I'm missing at Lone Cedar. I don't think my wife could be convinced into going back.

            1. re: veganhater

              Hi! If you didn't try the she crab soup at the Lone Cedar, that's what you missed. The best she crab soup I've ever tasted! Also enjoyed the crab dip! Can you tell we love crab? The lump crab meat in both appetizers was plentiful and tasty!
              For our meals we chose the pork tenderloin- which has an amazing sauce- and the crab stuffed shrimp. The shrimp were large and nicely cooked and topped with.... wait for it... lump crab meat with some seasoning that was just perfect!!!!
              We were too full for dessert but decided to take a piece of their hershey bar cake to go and loved it when we ate that a few hours later!
              Also agree with the thumbs up for Kill Devil Grill. They have a cheese steak eggroll that is quite tasty!!

        2. IMO, Outer Banks Brewery's beer outstrips the food, which has always just been so so. Maybe better for lunch if you're inclined to just have some bar food and a beer. We really like Grits Grill for breakfast; make sure you get one of their Frisbee sized biscuits to start the day right. Lucky 12 is another good place for good quality pizza, etc; the owner also runs a fancier place in Corolla, and puts more thought into the casual menu than most places. If you find yourself down Hatteras way, make sure you go to Pop's raw bar for some old school Outer Banks ambiance.

          1. Definitely Henry's for breakfast. I had a dreadful meal at Tortuga's Lie back in January. Maybe they're better during the high season, but I certainly wouldn't bother finding out, personally.

            1. Kelly's used to be very good. We've not been to the outer banks in at least 3 or 4 years, but are going in the fall. Kelly's was always worth one or two visits then, we plan to try it again.

              The Red Drum is a locals type place that has the best blackened grouper sandwich I've ever eaten.

              Not a fan of Basnight's, but not due to the food.

              If RV's is still open, their fried seafood used to be "can't miss" as well.