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Jul 15, 2009 05:58 PM

Good Eats and Drinks for 4 Straight Girls looking to soothe some woes in Provincetown

This was supposed to be the weekend my best friend was getting married but the fiance broke it off last minute about 3 weeks ago.

We decided we need to go away so we're heading to Provincetown to get away from it all.

I would love some food and drink recs. I'm a Manhattan chower and I would love to get a great lobster while I'm there. I heard the Lobster Pot is crazy busy and loud so I'd like to stay away from there unless you think the food is really worth it.

Fanzizzi's looks good but doesn't seem to have whole lobsters or lobster rolls. Ross's? Devons?

I would also love a good bar recommendation. Somewhere fun but laid back with some bar snacks. Preferably on the water. How's Pepe's wharf? Good food or for drinks only? Thanks for any help

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  1. For lobsters, check out Townsends..

    The Townsend family used to run the marina for many years and Chris has his own pots. I haven't been to the new location; but they know their seafood.

    Devon's is very nice.

    Haven't been down this season and don't know the bar scene...but Colony (next door to Lobster Pot) and Gov Bradford (across the street) have good crowds...long time Ptown fisherman bars..not upscale.,very diverse crowd.

    Lobster Pot has a great oyster bar in the doorway that's worth a is nothing special but not bad.

    TipsN TopsN..not fancy but good Portuguese.

    Non food bikes and ride through the dunes on the Natl Seashore out to Race Pt .

    1. Highly recommend Pepe's Wharf for a fun bar. I've never eaten there but like the bar overlooking the beach and the harbor.

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        Agreed, I had a nice lunch at Pepe's Wharf last year. Also Lobster Pot has a rooftop bar that's worthwhile, more casual menu. I'll sometimes get my oysters downstairs and then a light bit upstairs.

        Other decent dining options that have been there for years are Front St, Ciro and Sal's, and Napi's.

        I've been sailing down from Boston for 20+ years, and my recs are of the "old school" variety and hopefully someone can weigh in with more "up to date" suggestions. I know there's a piano bar and a few shows on Commercial that people enjoy but can't recall the names. They're pretty easy to find.

        It's hard to NOT find a fun bar..just depends on what you consider fun. Enjoy!

      2. Ross' Grill and Devon are wonderful for great food. We normally have lunch or dinner at the bar at Ross' and it is on the water. You can also buy a drink and take it out on the deck.

        Devon is our favorite place for breakfast and we always fit in a couple of dinners during our two weeks in town.

        Since we haven't been down we don't know what reopened this year but you may want to check on Victors for a great time at a bar. We really enjoyed it there, It's not waterview but the food, staff and customers were fun.