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Places to eat near Biscayne Bay?

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I am going back to college in Miami and am going to be treating my parents to a week of vacation for their anniversary. Since we are going to be there for a bit are there any places you could recommend to eat at? I am going to be living near Biscayne bay if that helps but I am willing to travel throughout the greater Miami area.

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  1. Michael's Genuine, Michys, Pacific Time (never been), Pizza Volante (never been) are all easily accessible to your area and are well liked by the board. There are a ton of other places to try too but you need to be more specific.

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      I am open to eating anything. I like to avoid chain restaurants when possible and the budget is moderate but negotiable.

    2. Not sure where near Biscayne Bay you're referring to but I've done a google map with links to many good places around the 79th Street area, both beach-side and main-land side. Most of these are pretty budget-friendly. Link below ->