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Jul 15, 2009 05:12 PM

Bit of Sweden Smorgasbord in S.D?

All through the 70' s , I thoroughly enjoyed dining at the Bit of Sweden smorgasbord in Long Beach. The owners left LB and moved to a San Diego location on El Cajon Blvd in the 80's. I often made the trip from Orange County for their wonderful food and hospitality. Last year, I drove to that location, and it was gone.

Does anyone know if they have relocated? If they are truly gone, is there any other good Swedish-style smorgasbords in the S.D. area?



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  1. Bit of Sweden closed around the mid-80's. There's no scandanavian-style buffet restaurants around that I'm aware of. Probably the best you could do would be to hit one of the House of Sweden events:

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      Norwegian trying to find Bengt Aaberg for my father Knut, who worked there with his friend Bengt in the 60's. My father can not find him in California or Sweden, where Bengt grew up. Anyone who can assist?

    2. When I was young, we used to go to the one in POWAY, I rember it fondly.

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        Speaking of Poway, The Swedish Royal Bakery is fine, fine, fine! I have to temper my visits there lest I begin adding tonnage to dees dem hips! I'm horrible with names, but I love these marzipan (chewy) cookies that are dipped in rich, dark chocolate and have to be kept in the fridge. So good.

      2. You can get the meatballs at Ikea.

        1. Who all recalls Gustav Anders ?? First in La Jolla and then Costa Mesa. We would go ever Xmas for as my kids would call it "smorgasbooorg ". Ah fun and fond memories

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            Gustav Anders, there's a name out of the past!

          2. My dear ChefRoux - It was in 1963 or 1964, that my fellow gastronomes and myself habituaed the Little Sweden and Bit of Sweden Restaurants, both on El Cajon Boulevard!! Ah, what sweet memories of calories gone by the wayside! The cuisine at both restaurants was exquisite, and invaribly affordable for college men looking for quantity AND quality! The proprietor at the Little Sweden, which was near the intersection of El Cajon Boulevard and College Avenue was Ragnar, "somebody", I don't remember his last name! There was a server by name of "Mai", who judging by an honored tradition of trying to guess the age of women, was probably 70 ish! She was a sweet person and a joy to be with in the same room! BTW, the lunch prices in those days was $.99 for ALL you CAN EAT! Oh, JOY!! The Bit of Sweden was near Texas St and El Cajon Boulevard, it was a more "up scale" restaurant, but not by much! I miss that kind of atmosphere and spread of goes on! I left San Diego for good in 1974 and have lived in our beloved South for 40-plus years regrets! Have a good life!

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              Ragnar Fahlstrom, he is about 75 and still going strong! He is retired and often plays table tennis!

              He is my grandfathers brother, so i visit him from time to time!

              Unfortnatley i never had the oppertunity to eat at Little Sweden, but i´ve heard alot of good things about it!

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                Ah, Bit of Sweden.

                I was just a little kid in those days, but still remember with utter fondness dishes like codfish salad and swedish meatballs, both always available on the daily smorgasbord. I never realized it at the time, but my parents were schooling me early on for what would become a lifetime love affair with properly prepared and delicious foods.