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Jul 15, 2009 04:19 PM

Mexican in North York or surrounding

Anything worth checking out in my area. Not crazy about going downtown or too far out. All input is appreciated.

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  1. Not sure if Yonge/Lawrence counts as North York, but another Milagro just opened near there.

    Milagro Uptown
    3187 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N, CA

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      1. re: morefoodplz

        Looks like Yonge and Lawrence is still North Yourk, even though I see the NY boundaries have changed and ward 7, which was once in NY is now a part of Etobicoke.

      2. Milagro has sort of a cantina feel, with casual apps and more formal mains. No complaints whatsoever about the food. Nice effort on the drinks.

        Slightly more formal and quieter is Frida, on Eglinton west of Avenue Road. Similar priced apps, slightly more expensive mains, quality and authenticity are up there on the same level with Milagro, which is high.

        Chimichanga, on Yonge just north of Eglinton, is more of a bar feel, with dark walls and clubby music. The food is fresh, but more casual, tacos, burritos, and guacamole made table side to order.

        1. Zeva, maybe too far out is La Taquiza in the outer stores at Vaughn Mills, take a day, visit the plaza too ( yeh or ugh, a plaza ). There are surprising things, a limited menu, order thicker than normal tortilla chips, a salsa bar with about 5 or 6 salsas and limes and onion and jalapeno to place on your plate, and a hot habenero sauce to ask for not at the salsa bar. I think of the commercial " It's Worth The Drive To " La Taquiza!! So many complaints about the Mexican restaurants not being Mexican, go here!!!! We watched for the opening for well over a year as Hector brought from Mexico and decorated the restaurant himself, thought it was to never open, he did it all and took time, and his Mexican mother is in the kitchen. If possible, make it an outing for a day and tour around, so much to do and see from concrete to forest!!! If you never make it to La Taquiza, I think us 905ers invade the sacred TO area much more often than Downtowners and outer Torontonians who fear to be without cement exposure, exhaust fumes and a need for salad, but not nature's greenery!

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          1. re: Jar

            oooo sounds interesting... do they serve Menudo at la taquiza?

            do you have a menu for them anywhere?

            1. re: Jar

              La Taquiza sounds great. I'll try it. Vaughan Mills is quite near me and I've been to a couple of restaurants around the area but I haven't seen this one. I guess I wasn't looking.

              1. re: zeva

                La Taquiza is in the separate mall stores, best I can describe it is east of Jane, on a corner south/east ending south strip at a connecting road.

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                  do you know if there is a menu anywhere for this place? i looked online and what appears to be their website doesn't go anywhere when "enter" is clicked...

                  1. re: auberginegal

                    Hi Auber -- well, doubt there is a website as they took a year while Hector brought everything from Mexico, built it himself and his Mexican mother is in the kitchen. Menu is very limited, but food is great --- check threads and find the mini salsa bar, the unusually wonderful thick tortilla chips, the many Spanish customers, etc. The best I can say is, talk to them, so very helpful, , , I was planning to go this week at lunch, missed, maybe next week I'm hoping!

            2. Thanks everyone for your input. I'm new to the board but I can see already I'm gonna get great results from picking everyone else's expertise.

              1. okay I never remeber the name of the place but it is next to highway 61(on bayview near eglington)
                The mexican place is never busy but I enjoyed the food the two times I have been and is not to expensive
                (one day I will remember to write down the name)