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Jul 15, 2009 04:03 PM

tasting menu in Dublin?

My husband and I will be in Dublin for a couple days at the end of the month (mid week) and are going to celebrate our anniversary while we are there. I was trying to find a restaurant with good food that isn't terribly expensive and was wondering if a tasting menu might be our best bet. So far it looks like the places to target are Winding Stair, One Pico, Chapter One, and Pearl Brasserie, though I can't find any recent posts on them.
Any recommendations? I've been told the economy hasn't taken a hit like it has here (Colorado), but am wondering if there might be any "deal" to be had.

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  1. Can't find recent posts? I posted last October on Chapter One and Pearl Brasserie. If you put either of these in the search function you should find them. More recent than that I have not noticed much either. Chapter One is quite expensive, Pearl is a good deal less, though still pricey, but we felt both were well worth the price. We did not have tasting menus, which tend to be even more expensive, but I suggest you just order 3 or 4 courses, each of you ordering a different dish, and share them, this way you will try at least as many different dishes as with a tasting menu. And as far as the economy goes, I've heard it is a disaster, but whether this has affected prices at the high-end restaurants, I don't know.

    1. The economy over here is a nightmare at the moment and we have seen the closure of one michelin-starred restaurant (Mint)(no loss), the excellent Town Bar and Grill has closed two branches and the company that owns the Winding Stair is under examinership. However, the restaurants that are surviving seem to have shaken themselves up and are offering good value on lunches and early birds. Check around. Had a lovely reasonably priced posh lunch in the Cellar Bar of the Merrion Hotel recently: a nice contemporary take on good traditional Irish cuisine. As a cost example, Chapter One have opened a 'chef's table' in newly renovated kitchen with tasting menu at 85 per head for 7 courses with 40 for wine to accompany each course. Or you'll get the pre-theatre for two for around 100.
      I had dinner for two recently in Pearl for about 140, ask for an alcove seat, they're quite the cosiest most romantic spot in Dublin!