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Jul 15, 2009 03:56 PM

Pizza, not the precious Californian kind

The planning continues for my family's mass descent upon SF.

My husband and I are planning to introduce our suburban and foreign visitors to a lot of the more interesting cuisines SF has to offer, but we've decided they'll need at least one night's respite.

We'll be winding down one day in the North Beach area, so I wondered where we should go for pizza? We'll be a large group (10) so waiting at Tomasso's doesn't sound particularly appealing. The criteria of this particular meal are really just for it to be a family place with big tables and good cheap pizza that tastes better than takeout while not being a challenge for anyone's palates. Should I just be heading to North Beach Pizza?

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  1. Maybe Gaspare's in the Richmond on Geary?

    1. God ... no ... NOT North Beach Pizza ... unless you hate these people.

      What about the new Tony's Pizza

      Note I haven't been there yet but I'm reading a lot of positives about it.

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        Thanks for the rec. And the first sentence; it totally made me snort my water.

      2. I wouldn't write off Tomasso's. If you're winding down the day in North Beach you could show up right when they open at 5PM (4 on Sundays, closed Mondays) or soon thereafter. No wait, and they have a long table that runs down the middle of the room that's great for a large group. Fun place to end of a day in NB.

        But I have not tried Tony's Pizza yet...looking forward to it.

        1. Personally, I really like North Beach Pizza, for what it is, which is basic, good pizza. It's not, as you so aptly put it, the precious California kind, but it's tasty.

          That said, the new location is much less dive-y than the previous one, but the pizza isn't quite as good. (Personally, I think the old one had yeast in the air from decades of pizza, and the new location just hasn't built up the same stuff.) But it's more comfortable, and if you're really just looking for a relaxing, chill evening, it's not a bad choice.

          1. If you lucked out and didn't have to wait, Tommaso's would be ideal.

            If it's a Monday, Joey & Eddie's would be an option: