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Jul 15, 2009 03:51 PM

Fredericksburg Cabernet Grill or new tapas place?

Anybody been to either of these recently? The Cabernet Grill is at the Cotton Gin lodging place, and the new tapas place is, I believe, on Main St. Also, any recent comments on August E's? We haven't been there since it moved into town, and were hoping for recent recs of any place as we plan to spend a few days there next week. We were surprised to see Rebecca Rather's dinner restaurant had closed! We aren't really interested in German restaurant recs right now as we usually go to those in the winter rather than in 100 degrees! Thanks for any input!

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  1. Cafe Real is the tapa's place, I think located on West Main (800 block) Charming restaurant, eggplant colored walls with his mom's art on them. Really pretty space. Menu has the standard "spanish" dishes, paella, tortilla, albondongas, and some interesting others..."baby octapus" rabbit, lamb. Nice young man who owns the place was trained at Cordon Bleu in Austin, as well as doing a stint at CIA in San Antonio. Let us know what you think, if you get to his place. Rabecca Rather's Table is now the Peach Tree Barbeque.
    and I haven't been to the new place where the Cotton Gin restaurant was.

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      Cafe Real Fredericksburg does have a Barcelona effect. Excellent Tapas and Sangria. Went there last night and tried almost everything we could think of, and now we feel very comfortable in taking our friends. Food, atmosphere, friendly folks -- can't beat it!

    2. August E's is wonderful. I have been twice since they moved and it was excellant both times. The Cabernet Grill is just ok, nothing great. Probably will not go back.

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        I LOOOOOOOVE the new Tapas place, Cafe Real! The food is excellent, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I tried this place on a whim, and fell in love. Though, there are some dishes that are a little out there for my pallet, like ox tail, I played it safe with the empanadillas (meat filled empanadas), tortilla espanola (egg and potato omelet), and sea bass entree, ALL of which were DIVINE! I tried my date's dish, which was a Spanish paella, and it was great too! We decided to finish our meal by sharing dessert, which was a warm bread pudding, glazed in was so heavenly, I didn't want to share! Trust me, the food is outstanding, I will go back for sure :-) Fredericksburg NEEDED a place like this, its different than anything else in town.