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Jul 15, 2009 03:21 PM

Restaurant Recommendation in Williamsburg

I will be in Williamsburg this weekend, looking for a great restaurant for dinner on Saturday night?

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  1. Always has a good meal at Trellis Restaurant. Very good, sometimes great food and excellent service always made for a relaxed time there. If you like chocolate don't miss the restaurants signature desert, the nine layer chocolate cake. It is memorable. For something different the restaurants inside the park offer a unique dining experience. Menus are limited but usually are good but unfortunately not great.

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      Another vote for Fat Canary. Also Le Yaca near Busch Gardens for french. Blue Talon has a nice bistro menu.

    2. Not sure if I'm remembering the name correctly but I think it's called the Yellow Canary. It's across from the trellis. Also I have to agree that the Trellis is great also.

      1. Fat Canary, and it's a good choice. I like the Trellis for lunch.