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Jul 15, 2009 02:33 PM

Weekend in South FLA

I will be hanging out in South Florida, Golden Beach/Sunny Iles to be exact, for the weekend. Looking for any great ethnic suggestions. I eat everything and anything. I live in NYC, from long beach, ca. Love the dominican I usually get down there but always in the mood for something different. Any cuban, puertorican, dominican, mofongo, seafood, anything that you can offer would be great. I will be down in Miami and SouthB a bit too and will spend an afternoon in Key Biscayne so if you know anything there, bring it on. Thanks!!!

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  1. By you
    Yakko San

    El Chalan
    Tap Tap
    Martarello (you can get this stuff at ny but not at this price...)
    Puerto Sagua or Davids