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Jul 15, 2009 02:33 PM

Weekend in Millville, NJ

I'm going to be at the NJ motorsport park in Millville this weekend and I'm looking for interesting, non-chain ideas. Anything from pizza to white tablecloth suggestons are appreciated. And are there any sources for good bread?


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  1. Millville is a tough one?

    1. There's not much down there except for chains. However, this restaurant, 'Winfields' gets good press. Maybe because it's the only game in town, I don't know. I know of one person who went there and said it was very good. Looked at the prices, and it's fairly expensive, especially for the area.
      They have redone an area downtown called the Arts District where there are a few art galleries (actually some very fine wildlife and landscape artists), and there are some pubs and restaurants around there. I know there is an Irish Pub that looks cute and is very well taken care of. My sister and I went to a place called the Paper Waiter Restaurant and Pub that was pretty good, once after an event at Wheaton Village. Another time we had some pretty good BBQ, just outside of Millville, but it was years ago, and I do not remember the name of the restaurant. Good Luck!