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Prime Beef at Costco

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I read an interesting article in the WSJ today. Basically, it said that due to the economy, folks and the expense acct. dudes and dudettes are not frequenting the high end steak joints, so the demand has significantly decreased. In addition, the Prime meat producers have dramatically ramp their herd counts and now we have an oversupply of Prime and Waygu. The article went on to say that Prime Strips and Ribeyes for $8.99/lb have been found at Costo's in the NE. Anyone seen that in the Metroplex?

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  1. Don't know about Tx, but at CA Costco's, Prime Rib-eye steaks are $10/lb; NY steaks $11/lb. A whole boneless rib-eye section is $6.99/lb for USDA Prime.

    1. First of all, are you talking about Dallas when you say Metroplex? Makes a big difference.

      Secondly I have also heard that about prime meat being sold to the grocery stores, since the demand in steakhouses has gone down.

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        No, I'm talking the Metroplex. If I can find real Prime for $10....I'll drive.

      2. Here in the heart of the Texaplex (Austin), we have been purchasing the prime beef at Costco for these prices for several months. They are delicious and a terrific buy!

        1. The West Plano Costco does carry prime steaks from time to time. They aren't always in stock.

          1. I've been seeing prices under $10 per pound at HEB. Sometimes it looks like borderline Prime and other times it looks legit. Either way its a heck of a deal.

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              I reported about a week ago that Jimmies Food Store had prime rib for 9 bucks. People were having it broken down into steaks. Huge party stacks of steaks were going for 40 bucks. And not only prime, I know this was genuine prime aged beef by the looks of it.

              Just as your article implies, these purveyors are loaded for bear with inventories that have a distinct shelf life. They simply must keep the supply moving to recoop their investments.

              I like how these prime beef steak houses use the term Kobe beef when it is actually just prime from a Wagyu cow. I sincerely doubt true Kobe beef is even aviable in Texas, just as I wouldnt trust sushi in Nebraska.

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                >> I like how these prime beef steak houses use the term Kobe beef when it is actually just prime from a Wagyu cow.

                Kobe beef does in fact, come from the Wagyu cow. I believe you may be referring to cross-breeding with the Angus breed.

                1. re: CocoaNut

                  I am reffering to the out and out sham by the wagyu producers. I understand and know the origins of Kobe. The stuff we get here is far from it.

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                  Dallas Dude. Check www.heartbrandbeef.com for a source for Akaushi beef. Better than Wagyu or Kobe and available through mail order. I've bought it and it is horribly expensive, but given the above information, maybe they'll have a "sale" also! It is the best beef I've had since The Meat Shop in Austin went out of business.

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                    You got it DallasDude. It's absolutely crazy that most steakhouses actually use the term "Kobe". The Akaushi is technically 100% and not crossbred, but it really isn't the same (not even close, it's still good though). You can get it in Dallas and Houston for about $80 for 8oz at some places.

                    But don't be fooled real "Japanese Kobe" is basically steak flavored butter. Awesome stuff, but really hard to find. You know it's the real thing if the price tag is around $20 per OUNCE ($160 per 8oz). That seems to be the going rate in Vegas, LA, and in Houston (now it's special order in Houston only- Killens Steakhouse - off the menu).

              2. I read the same article today. Hirsch's Meat Market in Plano sells prime bone in strips for $12.99 LB. Very good, too! And, I've seen some well priced prime steaks in the pre-packaged section at Central Market.

                1. I agree that West Plano Costco sometimes carries Prime. They have a big sticker on it when they have it. I haven't paid close attention to patterns in when they are likely to have it - maybe early in the weekend?

                  You could give them a call and ask.

                  1. I have purchased Prime ribeyes and strips from the Southlake Costco numerous times always under $10/pound. I have not been in there in a few weeks, but it seems to be a consistently stocked item. They are delicious.

                    1. HEB in Houston on Bunker Hill almost always has prime ribeye for 7.99, and I've seen it as low as 5.99. I've eaten quite a few and they are all excelent, 10-12 minutes on the grill for medium rare.

                      1. The Fort Worth Costco on Overton usually has frozen prime steaks but I've never seen fresh prime steaks there.

                        1. I'm going shopping at Costco this afternoon. I'll look to see if they have any prime beef. I have a choice of two Costco's. I'll call first to see which one might have it. Or, not.

                          1. Ok, I found it. I went to the Costco on Spring Creek and 75 and low and behold they had both, strips and ribeyes that were indeed prime for $10.99/lb. So much for my red meat once a week as I'll cook a couple up and report back on the quality level tomorrow. They are located at the end of the meat case and packed in a blue plastic tray insteak of white like the choice stuff.

                            1. J.R., this afternoon I got the last package of two, 2" thick PRIME strips for $10.99 LB. I'll have four meals out of it.

                              1. Twin,
                                good for you. We tried them last night and yes, I fed 5 on 2 strips. They were indeed good, but not great. But, for $10/lb.....hard to beat.

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                                  I will have to say, I've seen more heavily marbled prime steaks elsewhere. But, as you said, for $10.99 a pound, It's hard to beat.

                                2. Sorry for the detour that I'm about to take from the beef line, but using this post as a springboard to excellent pricing/deals on meats in general.....

                                  Central Market has boneless pork sirloin chops for .99/lb through 7/28.

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                                  1. re: CocoaNut

                                    no problem at all. I'm always up for a good deal. Have you ever had the rack of Berkshire Pork from CM? Man it is good. It has replaced beef for us at the holidays.

                                      1. re: air

                                        Sure thing - to both. If you go, I'd also recommend picking up a bottle of the peach-pecan bbq sauce to use as a glaze, particularly if the chops are grilled. Fredricksburg Farms is the brand. That stuff is made for grilled pork chops - a little heat, not sweet!

                                        JR, I'll have to look for the Bershire Pork. High $$$ tag? I love a good steak, but have an "everyday" preference to pork.

                                        I should have also mentioned that the flyer lists locations as: Dallas/FW/Southlake, so not sure about other TX stores, particularly why Plano wouldn't be there as part of the DFW metro area.

                                        1. re: CocoaNut


                                          The genius of the Berkshire Rack is it is $3something/lb. Best price/value meat I know.

                                          1. re: J.R.

                                            I only buy my pork at Central Market. Their Berkshire pork is the best tasting pork in Dallas.

                                            1. re: J.R.

                                              JR, very interesting @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berkshir...

                                              Now, I'll definitely have an eye open for the Bershire pork, particularly if it's the Japanese breed Kurobuta, but I'd imagine it would come with a price according. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Like I said, I love pork.

                                      2. Further to the meat at Central Market: Their buffalo NY strips are really good, too! Especially on the grill.

                                        1. I'm going to grill one of my Costco (prime) strips tonight. Stay tuned. Report to follow.

                                          1. Ok, I grilled one of the Costco (prime) strips tonight. It was as JR said, "good but not great". But for $10.99 Lb. you can't go wrong.

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                                              A few weeks ago Jimmy's Food Store had prime aged rib eyes for 10 bucks. Not sure if that is a regular deal or if it was a one time thing. They looked insanely good. Still kicking myself for not buying it all.

                                              1. re: DallasDude

                                                Dude, that was a special. They're usually about $17.99 Lb. But, I've noticed they're have those "specials" more often. The quality is very good and, they cut them to order. Ask for Jeff. He's the best guy there

                                                1. re: DallasDude

                                                  Get on Jimmy's mailing list to know when they have more specials.

                                              2. Another deal to look out for is "kobe" on sale at HEB. They had NY strips for $20 and sirloins for $10 this weekend. I grilled a sirloin and it was amazing. Got some rib eyes last year for $14 that were even better.

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                                                1. re: saeyedoc

                                                  Outside of the few excellent independent family owned meat markets in Dallas, Central Market (HEB owned) has without a doubt, the best "supermarket" meat in Dallas.

                                                2. For a quick update on this thread for those who are interested. I was at Costco at Spring Creek and 75 and they had Prime Ribeyes for $8.99/lb. Haven't tried them, but they looked good and that downright cheap.

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                                                  1. re: J.R.

                                                    I'm finding the "prime" NY strips at Costco to be inferior to the prime steaks I purchase elsewhere. You get what you pay for.

                                                    1. re: twinwillow

                                                      I dont shop Costco, but perhaps if labeled prime (and if so they should be) they still might be better than other steaks costing 12.99 or more at a dump like Albertson's. Just a thought, I have nothing to base the quality of Costco or the price of anything at Albertsons.

                                                      In fact, the only Albertson's I have been to as of late smelled like dead bodies were buried in the walls near the doorway and I really get ill when I go in (NW Hwy and Midway).

                                                      1. re: DallasDude

                                                        We had some prime bone-in ribeyes from Costco recently. They were quite good, maybe not as good as the prime you'd get at Central Market, but considering that the price is cheaper than the price of choice at Kroger or wherever, we thought it was a good value.

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                                                            Dude, Albertson's is dead but they just won't lie down.

                                                      2. Central Market has been sending flyers in the mail for the last couple of months with killer prime beef deals to rival prices spoken of here. Just got one last week for NY strip, but ignored it because I still have 2 bone-in rib-eyes in the freezer from their last notification.

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                                                        1. re: CocoaNut

                                                          I simply havent been seeing any relief on beef prices at CM, or seafood for that matter. I buy there sometimes out of convenience when I am there, but a trip to CM usually mens a secondary trip to a butcher or fishmonger is in order. Not always the case if I have been drinking and shopping, or simply do not care.