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Jul 15, 2009 02:27 PM

Revere- Tomorrow Night

I am going to an 8PM concert tomorrow night at Club Lido in Revere at 1290 North Shore Road. It seems to be close to Revere Beach Parkway, Ocean Avenue, and the Wonderland T stop. We'd like a nice-ish meal beforehand, close to the venue. Not East Boston, not Lynn... in Revere. What would you all suggest? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Club Lido is what used to be called the "Wonderland Complex," a set of bars across Rt 1A from the racetrack. It would be helpful to know if you are on the T or driving. Right at Wonderland there isn't much, its potentially walking distance to Kelly's or Bianchi's on Revere Beach. There also is a greek place (informal too) near Kelly's which has seating or you can take out food from food establishments and eat in most Revere Beach bars. I wouldn't necessarily call it "nice-ish."

    Shirley Ave is near the Revere Beach Stop, 1 hop away and gives you Floating Rock, Tacos Lupita. Good food, not high-end "nice-ish." There also is a Columbian restaurant right there. There is a fancier restaurant right around the corner of Beach and Ocean, but I can't put a name on it.

    If you head North on 1A, you are close (probably at least 20 minutes walking) to Mt Vernon on the Wharf. The food isn't that exciting, but you can get their twin lobster specials (and their back porch isn't bad for some raw bar items).

    If you have a car La Fonda (which was good as La Fonda Paisa, a bit simpler than El Paisa is less than ten minutes away) and the same general timing gives you options in Winthrop, but you said "Revere."

    My overall recommendation, especially if on the T, is check out Shirley ave. From there you can take the T 1 stop to Lido (or drive).

    1. Between Wonderland and Point of Pines, on Revere Beach Blvd., is Antonia's. It has been a while since I ate there but the food is respectable, and there is a nice bar. It is walkable from Wonderland T stop (~15 minutes). There is a sign indicating that it is under new management and ownership; I don't know if that is a positive or negative development.

      Newly opened, and in between Antonia's and Wonderland on the beach, is Renzo, serving wood-grilled pizza and such. From the outside it looks nice, but I haven't eaten there so can't vouch for the food.

      1. i second the recommendation for floating rock and tacos lupita on shirley ave. you could also check out some of the se asian and latin markets while you're in the area

        maggio's, demaino's, and companion's are three old school italian restaurants with a "nice-ish" atmosphere offering pasta, pizza, and some barbecue. sebastian's has a similar menu but a slightly more upscale environment

        if it's early enough you can get a couple of subs from new deal (take-out only) on broadway near the rotary. further down broadway is cafe costa del sol (salvadoran), pollo royale (salvadoran fried chicken), and chepe's (mexican)

        a few other options are nana's pizza (take-out only), beachmont roast beef, la fonda (colombian and mexican), and tropical grill (brazilian bbq)

        1. We will have a car if that helps!

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            It certainly gives you more options and helps with the distances (you can even check something out and decide to go somewhere else). But it would help to clarify your definition of "nice-ish" (date restaurant? just chowish? red sauce italian ok? drinks and a nibble, but don't miss the show?) and whether beer/wine/cocktails are needed, etc.

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              Not date-ish. Red sauce Italian is fine. We're more interested in good food than atmosphere, although both would be nice.

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                Floating rock is close, excellent food, no drinks or byob*, and atmosphere is likely to be southeast asian DVD or karaoke. galangatron can probably give the best rundown of specific dishes in old school italian trio (I haven't been to either in a while and companion's since it reopened). La Fonda is a bit further, but its a nice little place with drinks, I just haven't been since the change in ownership. I know you emphasized Revere, but Alia in Winthrop is definitely worth putting on your list and its BYOB. If you don't get too fancy, Mt Vernon is ok, but much less of a destination than the others. * Its certainly possible to get takeout from Floating Rock to eat at one of the Revere Beach bars which I have done, but most are a bud and a shot kind of place.

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                  Demainos is very good red-sauce Italian, much better than Maggios or Comapanions IMO. The stuffed calamari is one of my favorites. Ask for the maninara sauce instead... Its not as thick and pasty as the regular gravy.