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Jul 15, 2009 02:25 PM

Martha's Vineyard

Looking for a romantic dinner spot for an August visit. We're staying at the lambert's cove inn, and wonder whether we should eat our one splurge meal there. Other contenders--Outermost Inn and Beach Plum. Any advice would be welcome.

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  1. You are lucky to be staying at The Lambert's Cove inn, a wonderful place with a very well respected restaurant right there. If you do not have a car and are only staying one night, I'd recommend remaining there for dinner, but you will need to bring your own bottle of wine. The Vineyard is full of dry towns. If you have a car and want an adventure, The Outermost Inn is quite magical. It's a long drive from the inn, but well worth it. A very stark contrast to West Tisbury, where The Lambert's Cove Inn is located. The island is surprisingly diverse, so exploring is heartily recommended. Both places are very romantic, very delicious and worthy of a special occasion. For anniversaries, proposals, important date nights and memorable evenings of every sort, you can't go wrong in the romance department at either place. (I have not been to Beach Plum in ages so can't comment but I am sure others will give excellent advice.)

    1. Dont miss Nicky's Italian restaurant in Vineyard Haven. I'm surprised I'm not seeing more posts about this place. I'm good for once a week. Best Italian food on the Island, in fact, probably the best food on the Island. Try the beef tenderloin and any of the seafood dishes. This time of year they've got bass and bluefish as frequent specials.

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        Thanks for the good advice. We'll go with the Outermost Inn, which I agonized over for lodging as well, but in the end, decided we should stay closer in to the other towns. (Never been on the island, so I'm flying blind.). On another note, we'll have a car, but iis it realistic to exepct we could bicycle easily from Lambert Cove Inn to Vineyard Haven? (My wife isn't much of a rider.) Also, anywhere you can recommend for seafood in the rough?

        Thanks again.

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          Hey Fred. The Inn has to be about 4 miles from the center of VH and the main drag there always has traffic, so be careful. You could drive to the municipal lot, park there free and take the shuttle to town (used to be a quarter), which beats trying to park downtown at busy times. There are no real clam shacks on the Island, but the 2 seafood markets in Menemsha are close. They can sell you whatever you like, cook most of it and you can eat right on the town beach (steps away). Menemsha is dry so bring your own wine. The Bite has good fried, but I find them expensive, they have a limited menu and there isn't much room to sit. Another alternative is to take out from Home Port and eat on their porch -it'll save you a bunch of bucks.

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            I lived year round on Lambert's Cove Road for 12 years and it has to be one of the most frightening of the island's roads to navigate with a bike as it is very narrow and twisting. I'd drive to Vineyard Haven or take the VTA (inexpensive island buses) rather than bike.
            In Vineyard Haven you will find the best take out seafood at The Net Result which is the top choice for year round islanders who love their seafood. Basic picnic benches outside, but you will be more than satisfied with the quality of the food. Just past Five Corners - can't miss it. You can always pack up some food from there (or the Farmer's Market in West Tisbury) and have an evening picnic at Lambert's Cove Beach, which is not far from your inn. You'll be able to get a pass for the beach, but after 5 or so, they do not require one, and lots of people go there for picnics as the sun goes down. It's a beautiful beach and not to be missed, healthy gourmet picnic included.