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Jul 15, 2009 01:59 PM

Advice for Bay Ridge Day Trip?

Last weekend I went to the Bellhouse for their prom and had the BEST cupcakes I've ever had in my entire life from some place in Bay Ridge called Robicellis. So good that I've been thinking about them all week, and now need to go this weekend to get more.

I'm going all the way there from Greenpoint, I figured I may as well make a day trip out of it since it makes no sense to just turn around and go back. It seems like most of the Bay Ridge threads I look up are really old, and I don't want to go to a place if it's just going to be out of business. So where else should I go? Also, is there a quicker way to get there from Greenpoint than the ridiculous subway route that I've mapped?

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  1. Green Triangle
    "So where else should I go?"
    Bay Ridge is a great neighborhood with all sorts of cool little shops and very diverse food choices on both 3rd and 5th aves.The train stop is on 4th ave. If you like to walk you might want to start at 86th St and just take a stroll up one ave and down the other. If you get tired there are buses on both 3rd and 5th.aves. If Robicelli's sells out quickly, you might want to make your purchases first and ask them to hold your order so you don't have to 'shlep' them around in this warm weather.
    Sorry I don't know anything about PT. Last I knew the "R" train was the only train to take into BR. Enjoy your outing! :-)

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    1. re: Tay

      I didn't realize that they sell out- I'll make sure I get there early! I hope they have the blue cheese ones! Thanks for the tip!

      1. re: GreenTriangle

        I.m not sure that they sell out but often small batch specialty items, esp baked goods, are produced in limited numbers. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine but in case you were plannning on walking around the area first, I'd hate to see you make the trip only to be disappointed.
        Just a thought:: If you call ahead, Allison might be able to tell you what types of cupcakes will be available on the day you're planning on visiting.. You might even be able to order some. Properly wrapped cupcakes freeze very well.

    2. The G now runs to 4th ave and 9th Street so you can take that to the R, although you might be better off going into the city and getting the N at 14th and taking it to 59th and either walking or getting the R for a couple blocks.

      I love Tanoreen and assume they are still open, although haven't checked recently. I haven't done this - but have always wanted to spend a day in the park and then walking the path by the belt parkway/water.

      1. I would do a pizza tour. My favorite pizzeria's are all in Bay Ridge (and I live in Crown Heights so it's not out of convenience). If you start at 92nd and 3rd go to Nino's for a regular slice. Then, while working your way north, head to Hinsch's at 5th and 85th for a classic Egg Cream. Next, head to 73rd and 3rd for a slice at Vesuvio. Finally, at 3rd and 69th, get a Grandma slice at Grandma's.

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        1. re: demigodh

          Ok, I went down yesterday and took lots of your suggerstions. We ended up coming in from the city, and the train ride wasn't too bad. Thanks for the tip about the N!

          I was really thirsty on the train, so we went to Hinsches first. I loved the old timey feel of the place! And especially ordering an egg cream; it made me feel like I had stepped into a time machine. The egg cream was delicious, too! I was very tempted by all the homemade candies and chocolates, but I wanted to save room for cupcakes. :)

          Once we were done there we took the walk over to Robicelli's. I was very tempted to go into Century 21, but my boyfriend wasn't having it! Fortunately, when we got there they hadn't sold out of anything, and they did have the blue cheese cupcakes I loved from last week! Unbelievable. I never thought of putting blue cheese on a cupcake, but it was so good with the pear cake and the red wine. We got one of each of the varieties, which were "butterbeer", which was a butterscotch, "car bomb", which was guinness and whiskey and bailey's and my boyfriends favorite, and my favorite, "the elvis", which was peanut butter, banana and BACON! I luuuuuuuv bacon! The owner showed me a bacon cake they made for a wedding that day and it was so cute and had a big bacon ribbon on top. These are definately still my favorite cupcakes in New York. They also have groceries and I picked up some yummy smelling Brownstone Beans coffee and Baked Granola.

          We were going to go to Tanoreen, but it was really hot and in the other direction of Nino's, which was the closest other thing reccomended on this board. Plus, I asked the people at Robicelli's where to go and they seconded the Nino's reccomendation, and were also raving about the burgers and ribs at a place called Lone Star. So we went over to Nino's for a slice, which tastes a little funny after you've just had egg creams and cupcakes! Next time, we'll do the tour backwards. But excellent call on Nino's. The slice was really flavorful, the crust was perfect, and overall everything was delicious. My boyfriend had the "grandma" slice, and we were both so impressed with it.

          Finally, we went down to Lone Star, and they weren't kidding about this place. The burgers were gingantic and cheap, and mostly delicious! They have something lke 10 diferent types of burgers, ribs, wings, and salads. Typical bar stuff, but really really good. The ribs were melting off the bone, and they had a beautiful backyard with a fire pit and an outdoor bar that me feel like I wasn't in NY anymore but back home in Ohio. It was only 10 bucks for a giant burger that came with a ton of fries and tap beer. We were so full after that they we couldn't eat anymore!

          We will definately be coming back to this neighborhood soon. Everything was so cute, and the people at all the places we went to were really nice. And we still have to try Tanoreen! Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. We had an amazing day!

          1. re: GreenTriangle

            I'm so glad you had such a great adventure! Bay Ridge is a wonderful place to explore. Very diverse food choices. Try going back in the fall when it's cooler.
            Thanks for sharing your day with us.. It was very thoughtful of you. :-)

            1. re: GreenTriangle

              Thanks for the report! You've inspired me to head over there for a day soon. (I live MUCH closer than you, so there's really no excuse!)

              1. re: GreenTriangle

                Sorry, but I think you made a mistake skipping Tanoreen. Go next time!

                1. re: GreenTriangle

                  i live in Bay Ridge and so i must recommend that besides the food u walk a bit west past 3rd avenue and to shore road and walk on the overpass of the belt parkway where you can take your cupcakes and iced cold drinks in this summer heat and take in the views of the waters, watch a cruise ship go by and feel the breeze of those on their bikes riding along the bike path, listen to the waves hitting the rocks beneath and see if anyone has caught any fish that day.

                2. re: demigodh

                  Don't forget Pizza Wagon. I personally think they have a better slice then Vesuvio. I even prefer Pete's to Vesuvio.

                  1. re: MrsT

                    Glad you got to Nino's. Other recommendations:

                    Tanoreen for middle eastern, but also First Oasis, on 4th and about 94th is great Syrian place. Excellent raw lamb kibbe.
                    Grand Sichuan House of Bay Ridge is some of the best Sichuan in the city. Unbelievably fiery. Its on 5th Ave and 87th street. Right across the street is A&S Pork Store. Even better is Piazza Mercato, on 3rd and 93rd or so, and its sister establishment, Paneantico, which has some of the best bread in the city.
                    Agnanti, is a great Greek place on 5th and 78th. And there is also Hellas, a wonderful Greek shop/butcher on 4th and 87th.
                    And don't miss the family store, on 5th and Ovington. Many other places, but that's a start.

                    1. re: Wet Towel

                      I believe the Family Store is on 3rd and Ovingtom. ;-)

                        1. re: Wet Towel

                          What's the Family Store? I know and love all your other recs.

                          1. re: Amy Mintzer

                            "What's the Family Store?"
                            It's a little family run store with all sorts of delicious take home Middle Eastern prepared foods and supplies/nuts/bread/rice, Etc.. Very friendly, helpful owners.
                            Great place to pick up/try a variety of fresh, well seasoned dishes as well as old standby favs, EG: hum/baba/tab/meat/veg pies. If you blink you'll miss it. :-)

                            1. re: Tay

                              Thanks! Will stop in next time for sure.

                      1. re: Wet Towel

                        "Right across the street is A&S Pork Store"
                        Any relation to the place of the same name on 5th Avenue in Park Slope?

                        1. re: Polecat

                          A & S Pork on 5th avenue in PS is now M & S Pork store (for mel and sal) Not as much of a selection as Bay Ridge A&S, but the fresh mozarella still is the tops.