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Jul 15, 2009 01:56 PM

flax seeds in toronto

I've tried looking at my local grocery store (real canadian superstore & food basics) but i'm not sure which section to find it in.

Or if someone can recommend a place in Toronto/Scabs.

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  1. Bulk Food Barn sells whole and ground flax seeds.

    1. not sure about superstore and food basics, but you can find clear bulk containers of flax seed for about 1.99 at metro/loblaws. it is also sold (overpriced) in the health food/diet food section of shoppers.

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      1. re: LemonLauren

        I'm not sure how much you get for $1.99 at Metro, but $9 gets 850 g. of Weber's at Costco.

      2. they definitely have it at every loblaws/superstore i've been in. check in the health food section for bob's red mill brand. ground flaxseed is in white package where as flaxseeds are in clear packages.

        they should also have it at bulk barn.

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        1. re: helen0505

          Just a note....always better to buy them as seeds and grind them as you need them a little at a time. I use a coffee grinder for this. The ground stuff looses its nutritional value quickly. I agree with Helen0505.....I've found it in every Loblaws and Metro I've ever visited. If they have a health food section....they have flax. Some even have it in the bulk food section.