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Jul 15, 2009 01:54 PM

What goes w/mango nectar?

I have a jug of mango nectar from Costco and have been asked to bring a pitcher of something delicious to a bar-b-que. Any thoughts on which spirits would make great drinks. The juice is pretty thick/sweet so it might not require any bar syrup. Thanks so much.

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  1. Mango needs no sweetener. Use clear rum and a bit of fresh lime juice for mango daiquiri's, blend with ice, garnish with a mint sprig. Serve in clear plastic glasses.

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    1. re: Veggo

      ... and a bit of Canton Ginger liqueur for some bite

      1. re: barleywino

        Canton sounds lovely, but for the sake of all that is holy, please don't blend a daquiri!!!!

    2. Tequila also works very well with mango (I'd use a silver tequila). I'd also add a squeeze of fresh lime juice (or orange juice), either will balance the syrupy sweetness of the nectar.

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      1. re: tnilsson

        Would you suggest 3 parts juice, 1 part spirits?

      2. I am crazy about mangoes. Fresh mangoes, mango sorbet, mango lassi's, mango shakes, mango pudding, mango cocktails...

        I am currently infusing fresh mangoes into rum, in a jar, on the kitchen counter.
        It should be ready in a few days.

        I've been playing around with different combination for Mango cocktails.
        If you want to follow along, here is a link...

        I have found that mango works really well with lime and triple sec.
        Here's a cocktail...
        2 oz. Trader Vic's Mango Rum
        2 oz. Absolut Mango vodka
        1 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
        1 oz. triple sec
        2 oz. Goya frozen mango pulp
        Shake all ingredients until mango pulp is dissolved and then shake again with ice. Fine strain and serve straight up.

        If you have a big tub of Costco mango nectar, and it is pretty sweet already,
        I would add fresh lime juice to balance out that sweetness, and then use rum or vodka to spike it, if you are serving it as a tall drink with ice (which I think you will at a bar-b-que.) Tnilsson is right about tequila, of course, but not everyone in a crowd appreciates tequila. Barleywino is right with the recommendation of Canton ginger liqueur, but at $30 a bottle, you may just want to try a tablespoon of grated ginger for the whole batch of drinks. Experiment with different ratios until you find something you like, and when you finally go to your function, take a long some big bottles of club soda to top-off the drinks, in case someone finds them too strong, or the weather is too hot.

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          That is great advice. Thank you. I realize I'll need to do some pre-dinner experimenting to make sure I have the ratios right. :) The club soda idea is a good one too. Ditto the grated ginger.

        2. Make a mango batida with cacha├ža and a little lime juice.