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Jul 15, 2009 01:53 PM

Paso Robles Wine Recs to go w/Asian Food?

I'm attending a gathering this weekend where the host is serving Asian food. Since I live in Paso, I'd like to bring some wine for everyone to enjoy. Does anyone have recommendations for me? There will be a couple of wine snobs there so I'm a little wary about choosing on my own. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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  1. I just had some Liberty School Paso Cab 2006 that was remarkably easy drinking.

    1. Locally the only ones that come to mind are the Claireborne & Churchill Dry Riesling (@ 16) and the Tablas Creek Cotes de Blanc (iirc).

      Oh yeah, Palmina makes a very interesting white, Tokai Friulano, that I really like but haven't paired it with anything as of yet.

      Others that we've found work well;

      Pine Ridge's Chenin Blanc - Viognier (@10)
      Now and Zen Wasabi White, a blend available at Trader Joe's (@5


      If there's spice and heat involved like Sichuan and Thai dishes I usually look for a good GrĂ¼ner Veltliner, unfortunately finding a selection can be a challenge, but a couple of the wine shops in SLO might come through for you.

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        Thanks for the Tablas Creek rec PolarBear! Several others I consulted pointed me to the Tablas Cotes de Blanc too. I also got a bottle of Vermentino from Tablas, which was highly recommended to me.

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          I just had a Tablas Ck Roussanne with a slightly spicy Chinese seafood dinner, and it was a perfect match.

      2. I have always found for some magical reason Viognier goes really well with Curry. I can also suggest a Grenache Blanc, I have had the Tablas as well as Bodegas Robles I believe with Asian and they were great.

        I would also think Albarino would go well. And I agree with the Vermentino rec.

        In general, in my opinion, with Asian (unless it is something like Korean BBQ) you would want a crisp white with some nice acidity and a bit of body.

        Big reds crush asian food unless it is grilled meat as I mentioned.