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Jul 15, 2009 01:36 PM

Must Eat Stops en route to Cape Cod from NYC

I am driving up to Cape Cod (Wellfleet) from NYC. I will be taking I-95 to I-195 to US6. Does anyone have any suggestions for top eating spots that should not be missed? It can be anywhere along the way or even out of the way if it's REALLY worth it! Thanks!

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  1. Get your seafood shack juices flowing at Lenny & Joe's in Westbrook(exit 64, I think)- some of the best fried scallops I've ever had- sweet as candy, just this side of undercooked, and almost no batter.

    Once you get to Wellfleet, say hi to the Wicked Oyster and Moby Dick's for me til I can get back in Sept. My last trip in May seems very far away right now!


    1. may i suggest you skip the freeway and take the ferry instead? the route takes you through montauk, with a zillion farmstands and wineries with all kinds of fabulous places to stop and grab something delicious. its also a beautiful drive.

      you don't really save or forfeit much time because you don't have to drive on the ferry. having done it both ways, i opt for the ferry unless i'm in a big rush.

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        Antonio's in New Bedford. Just off I-195 Coggelshell Ave exit. Take left just off exit and you are there. Fantastic Portuguese seafood. Don't miss it.

        1. re: Big Fat Moe

          White clam pizza at either Pepe's or Bar in New Haven. There is also a Pepe's in
          Fairfield off exit 25
          As Jen said Lenny & Joe's is very good there is also one (more casual) in Madison at the Hammonaset Beach exit (61?) go right at end of ramp, left onto Rt 1

          1. re: mmalmad

            To follow up on Big Fat Moe's reccomendation of Antonio's in New Bedford, there was just a story on the local TV station about Martha Stewart stopping by there on her way to Maine the other day....I have not tried it yet, but hope to in the near future..

            1. re: mmalmad

              I second the white clam pie at frank pepe's but be sure to hold the mozz. the seasonal fresh tomato/basil/garlic pie is also not to be missed.

        2. Lenny & Joe's is one my favs, prefer the Westbrook location
          Also like Abbots Lobster in the Rough in Noank , eat at a picnic table and enjoy the ocean breeze

          1. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! I think we're definitely going to try Lenny & Joe's, Pepe's, and Abbott's... YUMMMM...

            Wicked Oyster & Moby Dick's here we come!

            1. Wein-O-Rama, 1009 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI

              c'mon... anyplace with 'o-rama' in the name has to be worth a stop! :)


              1009 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston, RI 02920