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Jul 15, 2009 01:33 PM

Lunch Asbury Park or Long Branch, N.J.

Great place overlooking the water with easy access to the Parkway. Any kind of food. Cool place, please.

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  1. Jesse's Cafe, in West End area of West Long Branch, 139 Brighton Avenue. Very innovative vegetarian, locally grown food whenever she can, owner is the primary chef, very personable and very near the beach. If you need a more casual and meat friendly place, i highly recommend Surf Taco which is very nearby, very inexpensive and delicious!

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    1. oops my bad, forgot to mention, for Asbury Park: there's a great italian restaurant right at the end of the boardwalk near the casino/carousel, name starts with an S, but anyway, it's three stories high with seating outside on all levels. The best things on the menu include the calamari, the bean soup and the pizzas, no need to spend alot of $ on entrees when the apps are this good, nice wine list, incredible view and service, the inside is kinda meat-markety though so I'd go for outside dining only, the third floor is my favorite.

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        Shelley - You are thinking of Stella Marina. I recommend it as well.

      2. You may want to post or search on the MidAtlantic board.