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Jul 15, 2009 01:19 PM

how many cupcake/muffin pans do you own?

I know it seems hard to believe but I've never had pans for making muffins/cupcakes until now. I went and bought two that make 12 muffins each, because that's what my mom always had. But now that I'm thinking about it, having 4 wouldn't really take up much more space because they would all stack together. So I'm wondering... how many muffin pans do you own and do you think it is worth it to have more than 2?

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  1. Two regular-sized (each making 12 muffins) and 1 mini-muffin tin. I don't think I've ever needed more than one (i.e. most muffin recipes make 12 muffins). Cupcakes--now I can see one making 24 cupcakes at a shot. But would you really make 36 or 48 cupcakes (or muffins) at one time? I don't think you really need the additional two tins.

    1. agreed - the number of tins you *need* is determined by the number of people you are feeding. I have one and it's more than enough for me. One of the things I always have to fight against is that impulse to buy more than I need in the kitchen. Usually I can talk myself off the ledge and go back to what works; what fits and what I will actually use! Although I DO own too many tart tins.

      1. I have two of the 12 size and 4 of the pans that fit 6. And then I have one mini-muffin pan. So of regular size, I guess I can make 48 at once.

        I have had the 6's forever and they are more beaten up and are not non-stick , but I like having them so I can make half batches of muffins and Yorkshire puddings in them. Also, if I make my muffins smaller the recipe makes more than 12 and the overflow can go in a 6-size pan.

        1. I have 2 very old ones with patterns impressed in them, a cast iron corn muffin pan in fall shapes, a madelaine pan (not really a muffin pan), and two non stick muffin pans that I use to make mac and cheeses muffins out of.

          Ps. I do not bake

          1. 3 regular 12, two mini muffin pans (24), one sixer for larger muffins and at least three silicon pans for heart shaped muffins. I don't like the silicon pans much, as they require a cookie sheet and you can't use paper liners.