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Jul 15, 2009 01:00 PM

Searching Cooking School in Montreal

I would like to learn how to cook (as an activity - not to become a chef) - preferably . I live in Montreal. Do you have any suggestions ? I heard good comments about l'Academie Culinaire.
Thank you

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  1. ITHQ also offers many classes and they usually are a little less expensive.

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      I took the basic techniques 1 course at the ITHQ a few years ago and loved it. I wanted to keep going but as far as I know they stopped offering courses to the general public and only offer their degree programs and continuing education for industry folks programs.

      I've gone to a couple of the "classes" from Mezza Luna / Quincaillerie Dante, including one from Martin Picard, but those are demonstrations and dining, not hands on. Only in French though.

      There are the courses offered at Bon Appetit Cookbooks, although I can't seem to locate their website at the moment.

      I'm hoping to make my way down to the Hudson Valley for a CIA Bootcamp one of these days -

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        Bon Appetit Cookbooks had to change their name last year, it's now Appetite for Books (unfortunately, their web address also changed) - you can find them at:

    2. I know that you are looking for a school, but I would urge you to check out two shows that you can find on the tubes (ie. the interwebs).

      1) Cook like a Chef: A Canadian show that tackles either a class of ingredients or a technique each episode. It's the closest you can get to culinary school on your TV, I think. Really entertaining and incredibly informative. It's not in production anymore, but there are old torrents floating around the information super net.


      2) Good eats: Alton Brown does the same sort of thing, only with a bit of science and he hams it up a bit. Still, good show and lots of good info. There are like 10 seasons (probably more) and hundreds of topics. You can find it all on youtube as well.

      As for classes. I heard the guy who runs Cash and Curry (Nathan, or something similar) teaches private lessons. Maybe a good idea if you like that sort of food!

      Really, the key is practice practice practice. Oh, and MAKE SURE you buy a good knife before beginning. At least a good chef's knife. It will make what can be a very frustrating activity into a joy.

      Good luck!

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        I heard that Michael Ross of Mas Cuisine might be offering some cooking classes at his restaurant, Mas Cuisine.
        I would caution you that it is just a rumour and uncomfirmed.

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          Honestly, I learned more watching Good Eats than I did from a year of culinary school. Of course, watching a show won't amount to much unless you actually buy the ingredients/tools and put the information to practice as well :)

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            A good knife won't help you unless you've got something to practice on. 50 lb bag of potatoes, some of those really wooden carrots and a stable cutting board are good starting points.

            Cook Life a Chef available on DVD (Season 1, "Volume 1", so first half of S1 episodes), something like $9 or so on

          2. I know Lasalle College has a program but I don't know the details. They are located at 2000 St-Catherine st west. BTW, they also run a wonderful restaurant at the college(located in the basement) run by the students. French cuisine meals for under $10.00. The name of the restaurant is "La Fuscia". They are open at lunch weekdays and supper Wednesday - Friday I believe. The phone number is: 514-939-4408 for those interested. I have eaten there many times and it's always a treat.

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