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Jul 15, 2009 12:28 PM

Wings in South Jersey?

I've done a few searches but have been unable to come up with anything. If someone can point me to an existing thread, I'd appreciate it. If not, I am looking for decent wings in the South Jersey area (Marlton / Mount Laurel / Medford). I come from Delaware and love Wings To Go, if that's any help. I am not a huge fan of Buffalo Wild Wings, not that there is one in South Jersey. I've tried Pic-a-lilli's (are they even around anymore?) and they were okay but I don't like wings that are still in the full Z-wing shape.


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  1. I haven't been, but friends swear by the Jughandle Inn on 73 at Forked Landing Rd. Maple Shade/Cinnaminson. They say these are the best wings around. It's kind of a dive. Another dive with good wings is Dadz on 38 E in Mt. Holly. They also have pretty good burgers there, and it's not expensive.

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      Jughandle Inn deep fries their wings with a special coating spice too, exellent & messy!!

    2. further south in the Villas is the best place called Wing it on bayshore. kind of far away but just throwing it out there!

      1. The Stone Grill in Clementon has really good wings. They're not super-spicy but do have some kick and overall have a really good flavor. You can also get them super cheap during Phillies games: 35-cent wings and $2 beers.

        1. The Jughandle....can't go wrong Rt 73 on the South Side

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