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Jul 15, 2009 12:18 PM

yuma for one night

we are stopping in yuma tomorrow night on the way from phoenix to san diego and probably stay at the best western on 4th ave. now, my original plan was to hit manjares de pepe after reading the awesome posts by ed on mm yoso and others here. but then i found out they close at 9pm, so we would probably not make it there in time. then i read about tacos mi ranchito right across the street from the best western but found out they also close around 9-930pm. so i am thinking our best best would be to hit the taco trucks on 8th street, which i assume would be open late. we will have a toddler, so alot will depend on her mood and sleepiness; so that is obviously one big factor. therefore, my big question to you all is this:

if you had to go to one taco place in yuma, where would it be?

ps => i should mention that i am a huge al pastor fan and especially if it is being sliced off the stick. i cannot seem to find such a place in the phoenix/east valley area. so that would be a big bonus to see al pastor meat spinning around on a stick with a pineapple on top!

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  1. i think we might try the taco truck at el toro meat market on 8th. based on what i've read, that seems to be the closest to 4th ave, which is where the best bestern is. and it seems like they have al pastor. does that sound about right?

    is there a yuma taco truck map?

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      Saw your thread on the Calif board. There is a great food blog in SD called mmm-yoso that also does some posts on Yuma. You should check it out for some ideas. Hope it is OK with the bloggers that I post the link to their excellent work!

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        Thanks for linking to the posts at mmm-yoso. I was out of town and away from a computer for a week. Sadly, I don't know of any stands in Yuma with a proper al pastor stick. Alot of asada grills, though