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Jul 15, 2009 12:18 PM

St. Louis bakery

Looking for a nice bakery in the Webster/Kirkwood area to order a birthday cake for my Dad's 70th. His favorites are spice cake and carrot cake. Any suggestions?

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    Try McArthurs- they have a location in Kirkwood. I can't remember being disappointed by their product.

    1. I would agree with McArthur's - very good. You might also try Straub's bakery.

      1. Clayton's Bakery on Manchester in Des Peres.

        1. Federhoffer's on Gravois is good. Not in Webster, but not far away.

          1. Run, do not walk to Cravings on Big Bend in Old Webster. Tim Brennan is a James Beard Award winner for his desserts and does beautiful, delicious work. DH went to him last week and asked for a cake like Almond Joy candy bars, i.e., coconut and dark chocolate, and triumphantly brought it home for my birthday. (Tim did our wedding cake: lemon with blueberry filling and chocolate with cranberry filling.) Fabulous. Not your ordinary bakery stuff.