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Jul 15, 2009 11:59 AM

Need advice for cooking veggies

I want to use up some vegetables tonight, but am not sure how to cook them all together. I have a sweet potato, a zucchini, a japanese squash and a yellow squash. I know the sweet potato take s a lot longer to cook than the others, so I'm wondering if I can just toss them all in some oil and herbs and roast them, or if the squashes would turn to mush before the potato is cooked. What is the best method, temp, time, etc.?

Any thoughts on a great (easy!) dish with these four vegetables are welcome. I also have some garlic, onion and shallots lying around, plus some leftover roasted serrano peppers, but they might be too spicy for my MIL. Am open to conservative experimentation.


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  1. Just start the sweet potato earlier, and then add the other squash into the mix later (after 15 to 20 minutes). Or roast them separately, and mix later. Or cut the sweet potato very small and leave the squash in large chunks. I think roasted maybe with some onion and shallot and tossed with a little cumin and coriander, squeeze some lime to finish after it's cooked. Maybe pass the roasted pepper on the side? Mmmm hungary! I'd roast at 400.

      1. I'd nuke the sweet potato until mostly cooked before chopping and roasting with the other vegetables.

        1. Chop all the veggies into equal bite-sized pieces and make a vegetable stew.

          Use a basic chicken stock as a base, drop all your veggies into the stock, add some of your onions and shallots (diced) and serrano peppers (judiciously for MIL) to taste. Voila ... soup!

          Or, if it's too hot where you are for hot soup. Puree the soup and chill and serve as a veggie gazpacho.

          1. Thanks everyone. I chopped the potato into chunks, along with the shallot, tossed them in oil and herbs (rosemary, mustard seed, thyme and paprika), covered and cooked on 425 for 30 minutes, sliced the squash, tossed in the same oil/herb combo, added it to the potato, cooked another 20 minutes at 400 and served with a light dusting of grated parmesan. It was pretty yummy.