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Stephan Pyles not honoring OpenTable dining cheque

When we recently dined at Stephan Pyles, they refused to honor our recently-issued $50 OpenTable dining cheque. The manager came to our table and informed us that the owners had made the decision "not to participate" in that part of the program. We inquired how that could be, that they obviously participate in the program because we had made the reservation through OpenTable, and that both OpenTable's site and the Dining Cheque itself clearly indicate "Redeemable at any OpenTable restaurant in the US." The manager informed us that the owners do not participate in the redemption part of the program, and that he has had this discussion "many times!" We replied that it is just not right for a restaurant to do this, and that we would be contacting OpenTable.

Has anyone else had the same experience? We contacted OpenTable earlier today to inform them of the issue. I do not understand how they can allow a restaurant to take people's reservations, and therefore their money, but not require the same restaurant to accept a valid award certificate. If the manager has truly had this discussion "many times," I would expect others to have complained to OpenTable. So...has anyone?

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  1. You know, I have been a strong supporter of Pyles and his concerns. However, any slight brush I have with management for any reason (ie: a phone call over poor service when no manager was available the night I was there) they are taken aback and turn it into an ordeal that it shouldn't have, and with no real resolution. I think Pyle's has surrounded himself with some real dolt's that take away from his magic kingdom he is trying to set up. This is yet another example. Sad.

    1. I've dealt with one of the Pyles managers. Having worked in a fine dining restaurant all through college, I was quite taken aback by the lack of "finesse." I'm not going to name names, but I just have never met a restaurant manager with such a lousy attitude. Sorry, but with the recession, I just can't justify ever going back to eat there.

      1. So much for Pope Stephan Pyles the Perfect.

        Very disappointing, that's pretty weak in my opinion.

        1. Please note that I am an OpenTable company spokesperson. Clearly, we don’t like hearing about these types of situations happening to our diners. We recognize it is not a positive experience for an OpenTable diner to be told that a Dining Cheque is not honored, but we do know this is a very rare occurrence and hear about it very infrequently. We will follow-up with the restaurant in an effort to resolve the confusion. -- Caroline Potter

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            Please let us know what you find out.

          2. We'er regulars at Stephen Pyles and the service is great. They will fix this mixup I'm sure.

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              How? We ate, paid, dealt with a member of "management," and were absolutely rebuffed. Will they be sending us a $50 check? I highly doubt it. OpenTable has given us 500 points in our account ($5 worth, which apparently may not be redeemable.) According to the manager, they have done this "many time" before, and yet they are still allowed to take OpenTable reservations. The restaurant wins, OpenTable wins, and guess who loses? The customer.

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                This place survives on hype and the need for pretty people to be seen LOL: I've only been a guest to this place several times, (5 to be exact) and all I can say is there always, always, seems to be a problem. luckily, it's never my problem as I am not the one paying.

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                  Maybe that was where we went wrong: not pretty enough to be seen, lol.

                  OpenTable has not yet posted our review where we indicate that the Dining Cheque was not honored. Hmmm...

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                  While good food is always a treat. The lack of professionalism from the service to the management team is lacking. There are so many great restaurants in Dallas that there is no need for us to go back again. I agree with a comment posted above that the GM has an attitude problem and that may be due to the fact that he is in over his head. Why are some of the supposedly great restaurants hiring kids to manage their restaurants? Makes no sense to me. When I go to a five star restaurant I expect 5 star service. Good luck Stephen as you are going to need it on this venture!

                3. Please note that I am an OpenTable company spokesperson. As we mentioned we would, we reached out to the restaurant to inquire about this particular incident. The Managing Partner was very open to the feedback and now has a clearer understanding of our Dining Points program, as well as the process for how OpenTable Dining Cheques are redeemed. We know that the manager contacted the diner directly to resolve the issue and invited him to come back to the restaurant to enjoy a more positive experience. All in all, this was handled in a very professional and productive manner, and we are glad to have been made aware of it by the diner. -- Caroline Potter

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                    Perhaps you might share these points with the rest of the angry mob holding pitch forks, and not salad forks.

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                      I'm glad to hear that Stephen Pyles now accepts OpenTable Dining Cheques.

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                        Some odd reason my report that our company no longer allows us to use our expense account at Pyles vanished. But rest assured it was due to unresolved problems with the management and odd service problems, and I will leave it at that. These type of comments are highly pertinent and belong here regardless of what the staff of the restaurant may say.

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                          Stephen Pyles is a class act. I knew they would straiten out the confusion and make it up to anathus17.

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                            We shall see. I have met the guy more than a few times and yes he is a class act. Nice guy. Not sure about the people he surrounds himself with, and that is really the day to day proof of a restaurants worth. I love the food, the person, the atmosphere. I have and others we all know and love have experienced hellish experiences only when things go wrong. That is where they either lack experience or simply do not care. That is the sad part of the Pyles experience.

                        2. I like Stephen Pyles' restaurant and I'm glad the issue has been resolved.

                          1. That's pretty sad. I'm sorry to hear that's how he's operating things now.

                            1. I want to give credit where credit is due. OpenTable did address the issue promptly, and we did hear from the restaurant. I am happy to say that we have been contacted by the co-owner and offered a complimentary meal as well as apologies for the situation. I'm just sorry that the manager created this situation in the first place, as it was most unpleasant.

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                                Extremely unpleasant, and un-called for. However, glad they made good on it.