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Jul 15, 2009 11:01 AM

looking for milk in glass bottles in north nj

I remember when I was a kid my aunt brought me whole chocolate milk from some market in a tall glass bottle during the summertime especially. It was really creamy and fresh, and probably as close to the farm as you can get. Ive checked places like whole foods and other supermarkets around the area and haven't seen anything like that. Is there any place that I can get it up here, thats available all year round? Anywhere is Bergen county in particular...

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  1. I recall seeing glass bottles of regular milk at Fairway in Paramus. Don't remember whether they have chocolate milk in glass bottles, but I would say your chances are probably as good or better there as anywhere else in Northern NJ.

    1. I am certain I saw milk in glass bottles in the Fairway market in Fort Lee on Anderson Avenue (not affiliated with Fairway, Paramus) though the Paramus market seems to have a little bit of everything so I would think its also a good bet.

      Since the one thing all towns in Bergen County have in common is TRAFFIC, why not make a few phone calls first so you don't waste time and gas.

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        I was just in Cafasso's Fairway two days ago and did not see any bottled milk, chocolate or otherwise, just cartons. They do have a website from which you can shop online. If they have it, they'll even deliver it to you. As for the Paramus Fairway, I purchased milk there about three weeks ago and recollect cartons and plastic jugs only. Indeed, I wanted frozen orange juice and had a helluva time locating the few cans they did have among the rows and rows of juice in cartons.

        Cafasso's Fairway Market
        1214 Anderson Ave, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

      2. This place is delivering - not sure about Bergen yet, but supposedly they're expanding.

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          There's also Ronnybrook, widely available in NYC specialty stores. Call them to see if they have an outlet in NNJ.

        2. If you're up way north in Bergen, Auntie El's on Route 17 in Sloatsburg, NY has chocolate milk in the glass bottles. It's right over the border.