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Jul 15, 2009 10:57 AM

Cafe Escadrille tonight - dishes to order, dishes to avoid?

Getting taken there by a client. What are they good at, and what should be avoided? Thanks for any tips.

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  1. IMO, if you like convention food, i.e. rubber chicken and flavorless prime rib, you'll love this place. Last time I went I asked if I could have a green veg instead of their butternut squash, they said they didn't have and green veggies. Totally commercial, be thankful someone else is paying.

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      I had a fresh green and wax beans side with fresh basil and butter. I would not call it convention food but new England Yankee fare that is good food. The hot turkey sandwich my dad got was tasty. Yes the food was common but well made.

    2. I had the lobster stew last week and loved it. I went for lunch with my family and everyone enjoyed it and the prices were very fair. Enjoy!

      1. Not sure they're good at anything!

        1. I have never really liked Cafe Escadrille, but some relatives do. Last time there I consciously decided to change my attitude and I appreciated them for what they do. They are like a special occassion restaurant that someone would go to for their anniversary in the 60's or 70's and they do that well. The food is really not that bad, just kind of boring. Stick to the classics like filet mignon, green beans almondine, etc. The service is good and the look of the room dated, but not shabby. There is often a little combo there playing, completing the kind of corny, dated atmosphere. Go with the right attitude and it can be kind of fun, especially if someone else is paying!

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            This is a great reply because the solution is to change your attitude. Sometimes, you go due to a family preference or a business meeting. It is rare one can't salvage a meal out just by taking things for what they are and making the best of it.

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              Totally agreed. This is how I wish more people approached eating different places. Cafe Escadrille isn't Hammersley's or jmCurley -- it is what it is, and if you go there with the right attitude, it's a good time. I enjoyed the lobster stew when I was there.

            2. Or suggest a change of venue to L'Andana just down the street!