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Jul 15, 2009 10:15 AM

Noi Due recommendations

Any recommendations for specific menu choices for a non-cheese lover? I'm going with family, but generally find it hard to find things I like at milchig cafe-type places, especially when there's no fish on the menu, because cheese is usually so prominent in so many dishes.

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  1. Although not on the printed menu, they do serve a delicous fish special every night.

    1. The stuffed artichokes are quite tasty and cheese-less.

      1. I don't remember their pizza menu specifically, but I'm sure you could get cheeseless pizza.

        1. You can get any of the pasta dishes without cheese. Last time I was there I got spaghetti marinera, it was very good. Their Tonno Salad and other solids are pretty good too. If you go earlier on they also have panini. Unlike some other menus, you won't be want for choice.

          1. Thanks to those who answered. I went tonight, and had a nice meal. I still think that, for me, it's not an optimal choice, because probably 90-95% of the menu items have cheese, and I'm not enough of a pasta or pizza fan to want them. I did have the fish special, which tonight was sea bass, as well as the stuffed artichoke antipasto. The desserts, though, were really nice; I had a "Duet Chocolate Mousse Cake"--dark and white chocolate mousses on a cake base. Another family member had the cheesecake, which was also nice, but not as good as my dessert. And a third relative had strawberry sorbet, which was fine, but I can make that myself, so I feel it's a waste to buy it. He's a healthy eater, so there was little likelihood he was going to get anything decadent that I might have liked to try. All in all a nice place, but for me, not a good choice simply based on my idiosyncratic dislikes. I'd definitely go for a dessert, though.

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              I liked that cake as well-last time I was I had a dulce de leche cake that was pretty good.
              It is good your relative did not order anything decadent b/c it means as an adjective: marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay

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                If you don't mind answering - how much did the meal cost?

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                  I can't swear to this, because one relative treated, and I didn't have a good look at the check when it came, but I think it was just short of $150 for four people. That was based on the following menu choices: two of us each had the fish special, the stuffed artichoke antipasto, and a slice of cake. One had a salad, a non-fish special, and sorbet, and the fourth had some sort of tall drink (I don't know what it was b/c he ordered it before I got there and didn't hear what it was), a regular meal, and no dessert. The prices on the menu seemed fair, but I don't know what the specials cost.

                  Just to add to my "review". . . a few other observations: the service was excellent. I might have expected them to be a bit more pushy to get us out b/c there were many, many people waiting to get a table (standing in the entry area as well as all the way up the 7-8 steps to sidewalk level). On top of that, my husband and I arrived 1/2 hour late b/c of crazy Manhattan traffic, and the other two in the group had sat for that 1/2 hour just waiting, only ordering that one drink. Even with that, they never rushed us, and were generally attentive. It's a small space, so they weren't hovering, filling water glasses every 30 seconds, but they did respond immediately to any request. One negative for me was the noise level, which is quite high. I had no other complaints with the place; I just wish they had more things on the menu that I liked. Still, it's in Manhattan and I'm generally in Queens, so it's not as though I'd otherwise be there weekly anyway.

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                    qc, thanks for the detailed review. It is really helpful to know all of this before selecting a place and spending the money to go out to eat.