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Jul 15, 2009 10:08 AM

Cape May Area Eats

Will be heading to Wildwood August 1st for a weeks vacation. We are staying right near Diamond Beach by the Cape May Sancuary. There will be 4 adults and a 10 month old. Although we cook most of our meals, we do like to treat ourselves 2 or 3 times for lunch of dinner. For lunch I am looking for some great take out, maybe some subs/pizza, and for dinner a nice sit down with fairly quick service (10 month old gets a little bored).

Would also like some suggestions for Stone Harbor, we are going the last week in August and staying right near Fred's Tavern.

Great board and lots of useful info... Keep up te great job..

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  1. Just giving this a bump - suggestions needed for Wildwood - Cape May - Stone Harbor Area

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      Ugly Mug for great steamed little necks
      Ebbitt Room for fine dining
      Also relatively quick if you get there early enough would be the Lobster House, I think that is the right name, it is the huge place to the left when you gop over the bridge into Cape May.

    2. Just came back from a week in WW with my family (me, wife 9 y/o daughter). Checked this site for suggestions, and was pleased with finds. Will only mention the goods.
      Dinner at Alfe's (Italian) served wine with dinner. Many restaurants in WW Crest area do not. Alfe salad was awesome. Dinner was good, med price, kid friendly. No tourist trap here. Most other dinners were on the run.
      Lunch - Italian hoagies at Bonelli's. I was surprised when I walked in, expecting more. Store was a market but had a deli counter. The sandwiches were great. I had heard they were, and was pleased. Go with the Old World Hoagie. I went with a friend from Brooklyn, and he was impressed. That says a lot. Mr D's for Philly cheesesteaks. Not Pat's but pretty good.
      Breakfast - Uncle Bill's Pancake House was great. Big plates and very good. Cash only though. Bennetts bakery. OMG. Went twice without the wife knowing just to get the apple fritters. Boston creme donuts and sticky buns were great. I'm just glad it's not close to home. I would be there everyday. Definitely a morning place go early so they don't run out. Get em for the car ride out for the day.

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        One of my favorites in WW is La Piazza Cucina on Pacific Ave...just off Rio Grande

        Great Italian Food , Super Live Entertainment


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          La Piazza is an amazing place in WILDWOOD.Joey M has mastered the art of fine italian cooking where a little love is on every plate.He has his own cooking show out of the restaurant and people love him and the food.Huge portions quality food and if youre lucky he will sing a tune onstage.Now thats amore....The sicilian calamari is award winning the veal luigi with artichokes was soooo delicious and his signature Filet Montello is truly the eighth wonder of the world.

          La Piazza
          150 7th St, Clifton, NJ 07011

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          Thanks for the input. I am entering everything into my iphone so I have it for the trip. Nothing worst that spending money on a bad meal, especially on vacation..

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            The Cape May branch never fails to please the entire family..buttermilk pancakes are delicious and you can't beat the variety and the prices..most of the pancake orders are three huge pancakes...pecan, blueberry, chocolate chip, peanut butter, peach, banana walnut...something for everyone. If you want to go light on the carbs, try the hamsteak with pineapple (not great in and of itself) but the potato pancakes and sour cream that come with it are terrific. Friendly service.

          2. A few suggestions...
            For a nice sit down with a 10 month old I suggest Lucky Bones in Cape May.

            For some take out, Freda's Cafe has a deli on Carpenter Lane in Cape May. Most people don't even know it's there because they think Freda's just has it's restaurant on Ocean St. But I've had some good sandwiches there a few times.

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            1. Lobster House is good but just make sure that you are there early, the waitlist can be long(especially when you have you the little one with you). You may consider their take out and I have got the link here:

              If you are considering subs and pizza…what about hot dogs? I enjoyed the hot dogs at HotDog Tommy’s and you can get more information from their website.

              There are some places in Cape May that are really nice and you can seat down, have a glass of wine….relax…but with the little one, I am just focused on the quick “chows” as recommendation! Have a great time there!

              1. If you want to try some hot dogs check out Maui's in north WW


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                1. re: ChrisOC

                  I second the vote on Maui's -- their homemade hot dogs and toppings are out of this world. We are going down the shore to our favorite B&B in North Wildwood (The Candlelight -- incredible breakfasts) on July 29 -- meetcha at Maui's, flipperz71!

                  Oh, also, Sharkey's Feeding Frenzy, to the left on the causeway from Wildwood to Cape May. It's a seasonal shack in a marina --amazing ribs and seafood.

                  1. re: VFresser

                    Need to check out Maui's, I do not think I have ever tried a veal hot dog ! ! What is recommended? Veal or Regular. Very reasonable prices for being at the shore...

                    Marked down all 3, tommy's, maui's and Sharkey's...

                    I will have to extend my stay a couple days to try everything... LOL

                    1. re: flipperz71

                      That Hollyeats bit on Maui's is a few years old. The prices are a little higher now, but you would have to go a long way to find better toppings for a hot dog. The Soprano is topped with spinach sauted with white wine and parmesan cheese. When you order one you will see fresh spinach go into the saute pan. The salty balls are good as well.

                      1. re: ChrisOC

                        Maui's celebrated their 10th anniversary this year. THE best place for a great dog at the shore.