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Jul 15, 2009 09:55 AM

Amsterdam and Prague

I have been reading the more recent restaurant recommendations for Prague and Amsterdam. We are going to be in Amsterdam for 3 dinners and Prague for 4 dinners and assorted other meals the first week in September. We love good food and food that is a good value, whether it is at a fancy restaurant or a food cart, and like to enjoy local cuisine.

Where should we eat? Is Ciel Bleu and La Rive worth the cost or are there other better places to eat in Amsterdam?

In Prague, we will be going to concerts 3 out of 4 evenings and will want to have dinner before the concerts.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. We have had several rijsttafels in Amsterdam over the years. It has been a few years since we were there, but our favorite was the Desa at Ceintuurbaan 103. This is on the corner of Ceintuurbaan and Ferdinand Bol Straat.

    This was easy to get to, as it is at the junction of tram routes 3, 12 and 25. But this intersection might currently be dug up for the new metro line. Ask at your hotel.

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      Rijsttafels (and pancakes) are often recommended when people ask for suggestions of restaurants serving local cuisine. I usually recommend to stay away from them as real foodies might be underwhelmed by what feels like an exotic yet still average buffet.

      I don't know Desa, but have heard others recommend it, so it might be worth trying. Other Rijsttafel alternatives would be highly popular Tempo Doeloe on Utrechtsestraat or modern and stylish newcomer Blauw on Amstelveenseweg.

      I also often caution against star restaurants Ciel Bleu and Rive. Like you say, price quality is an issue. And I also find them very traditional, missing excitement.

      For alternatives, you should check out my "Best Amsterdam Restaurant" list. De Witte Uyl and De Kas might match your taste best. De Kas is more traditional but still different due to the greenhouse setting and focus on regional products. De Witte Uyl is smaller and more low key with a great Dutch / French / Asian fusion menu.


    2. Thanks. I have found dutchgrub's web site and will be trying some of the suggestions. I imagine we'll also want to have herring at one of the carts, as we love it even in Boston, maybe a pancake or Indonesian food just to say we did.

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