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Jul 15, 2009 09:40 AM

Good meals near Palais de Congress?

Heading to Montreal with friends for the World Science Fiction Conference. We already have reservations at Ah Pied de Cochon. We have a sworn pact to go to Schwartz's. What else should we not miss? What is close to the Palais that is good? What requires a car trip? We are 5 adults, 1 teen, and 2 kids.

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  1. The convention centre (Palais des congrés) straddles the dividing line between Chinatown and Old Montreal. Search the board for lots of reccos in both neighbourhoods.

    It's also sits above the orange metro line, which gives you fast and easy access to the Plateau neighbourhood and the Jean Talon Market and environs, among other locations. Again, there's lots of discussion of both if you'll just look through recent listings.

    Prolly the best online listing remains endless banquet's (finally updated)

    1. To start with Toque is near and so is Chinatown (CT more child friendly) A good bet in CT is Guang Zhou at 84 Lagauchetiere W.

      1. You could try Fourquet Fourchette, right in the Palais des Congrès, on St-Antoine street. It's a Nouvelle-France themed place, they have a good priced lunch menu and many options cooked with Unibroue beers. I also really like their buckwheat / corn crackers and usually buy a bag to go. It's a much better value at lunch time than dinner, imho.
        The decor is nice, the glass table tops are filled with barley and other grains, and you can buy some of their products on site.
        It's nothing fancy, but would be great with kids for a quick lunch.

        1. For brunch/breakfast/lunch near the Palais (within 15 min. walking distance)

          Le Cartet

          Olive et Gourmando bakery

          Kam Fung on St-Urbain for dim sum

          For lunch:

          Chinatown - Beijing, Hong Kong, VIP, Mon Nan (upstairs for peking duck), Harmonie Bakery for delicious snacks, the bahn mi places along St-Laurent for Vietnamese subs

          Also, as Carswell says above, do search the board for Old Montreal and Chinatown for lots of further recommendations and more info about the above places.

          Enjoy the conference!

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            There was also a thread last year with exactly the same request. In addition to the Chinatown recs I'd add Pho Bang NY for great Vietnamese, especially the weekend-only bun bo hue. If you can handle smoked meat at 11AM that's about the only way to avoid a long wait at Schwartz's.


            1. re: kpzoo

              If you go to Kam Fung for dim sum on a Saturday or Sunday, go early or be prepared for a long wait.

            2. You can also try Stash on St. Paul - hearty polish food, good vodka, decent prices.