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Jul 15, 2009 09:31 AM

Four Square's 4-course NC menu - Durham

Through July 27th, Four Square in Durham is offering a $35 four course menu featuring exclusively NC products. Tried it on Saturday and it was awesome. Please take advantage of this fantastic deal if you like good food. Menu featured lamb carpaccio, a trio of gazpachos, prosciutto wrapped trout, and buttermilk cupcakes. Dessert was less than stellar but the other three were top notch.

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  1. Who is making prosciutto in NC? I remember hearing about a local restaurant trying to (completely blanked on who, heard this eavesdropping at the Farmer's Market while in line) but haven't seen it.

    I'd love to taste the outcome!

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      Piedmont does some of their own chacuterie, perhaps it was them.

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        on the menu link, it says Brinkley Farms. Not sure if that means the ham used came from Brinkley Farms or the prosciutto was produced by Brinkley Farms.