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Jul 15, 2009 09:23 AM

Farmer's Pride in Upper Roxborough

An interesting experience at 8101 Ridge Avenue in Roxborough (blocks away from the Andorra Shopping Center) is T & F Farmer's Pride. It's a small neighborhood grocery store/deli that offers a terrific assortment of Italian foods. Their hoagies are EXCELLENT -- for this area of Chowlandville and based on my experiences. My favorite is their smoked turkey hoagie with provolone, oil (no mayo) . I have friends from Montgomery County who often stop at Farmer's Pride on their way to/from downtown sports games since Henry Avenue is a popular route to the stadium. BTW, Farmer's Pride might be the last market in the world where employees open the door for you on your way out to your car while wishing you well in a homespun kinda way -- I'm either looking like I need assistance or I've found a family run grocery that still cares about people! I want to add that the place sells fresh fruit and veggies (this place is NOT a dollar store), and such things as pizzelles in various flavors. No, the pizzelle's don't rival what Aunt Angie used to make, but I consider pizzelles to be comfort food in almost any form.

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  1. I second this recommendation of Farmer's Pride. My favorite hoagie there is the Italian tuna (oil packed tuna, no mayo). They also sell pierogies from the Pierogie Shop in Roxborough and P&S ravioli and sauce. One block away, at the corner of Henry and Umbria is a guy who sells produce from a van. Not everything is homegrown, but from my past experience, the corn he brings in from his uncle's farm in NJ is top notch!