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Jul 15, 2009 09:22 AM

St. Michael's Lunch on the Water

I'm looking for a restaurant in St. Michael's, MD for a group of about 20 people, preferably on the water. Any ideas?

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  1. If you really want to be on the water there is the Crab Claw. A little touristy, but the crab imperial and crabcakes are pretty good.

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      Second the Crab Claw. Many a delicious meal I've had on their dock.

    2. Not on the water but quality food! 208 Talbot.

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        I second 208 Talbot. Or for a spot on the water just outside of St. Michael's try Tilghman Island Inn. Had a fantastic seafood dinner there on New Year's Eve. More expensive than the Crab Claw but MUCH better. TII is a local's spot. SO, shhh, don't tell anyone...

      2. I third the crab claw. you can put your 20 at 3 adjacent picnic tables looking out on the water and then have a good old style Maryland crab feast, Or order something else off the menu,

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          I 4th the Crab Claw for a group lunch. My firm used to have annual boat trip from A-town to St. Michaels and we always docked at Crab Claw for crab feast +. The setting in the harbor is pretty much unmatchable for a group there and they do a passable job on most seafood especially steamed crabs which are starting to really come in locally. There are plenty of places in town with better food but if the people are not from the area, they will love the CC. It is the only place I have ever seen the crab boats pull right up to the dock next to the steamers and deposit that days catch directly in the steamers. jck

        2. We are boaters from Annapolis and cruise to St. Michael's quite often. We were just there this past week and we had lunch at the Crab Claw (a tradition of ours). It was downright horrible. They have shrunk their menu so you would think that they would excel with less offerings but it seems to be the opposite. A wide profit margin seems to be at play here. Their lunch prices are no different than dinners. I saw nothing on the menu that was worth squandering so much money on so I ordered a bowl of the clam chowder. I have lived in New England and had some of the best, but when I offered a spoonful to my husband for a taste, he summed it up quite succinctly. "just like Campbell soup".

          Making decent chowder is not difficult but it is a sign of a kitchen's ability to handle seafood.. They didn't come close to a passing grade. If they can't even produce a decent cup of chowdah, than this place is showing signs of cut backs and inferiority. My husband's flounder was fried beyond crisp. We couldn't find the fish.

          Give this place a wide berth and try St. Michael's crab and steak on the waterfront. They at least give you a much better selection, and the food doesn't taste like it came out of a vendo machine.

          1. Friends of our who have a place in St Michaels made the reccommendtion for us to drive towards Tighlman Island and go to the place on the right just before the bridge. We had good AYCE crabs but I don't think I would do much beyond crabs. The bloody marys served in plastic were just OK. The crabs were good.

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              Well the place before the bridge I believe is the Bay One Hundred Restaurant. We dined there last week and I had jumbo shrimp with linguini and my husband had lobster ravioli topped with shrimp. Their pasta is supposed to be home made and it was excellent. They had plenty of seafood selections as well. The restaurant right across the bridge is appropriately named the Bridge Restaurant. It also specializes in seafood. The Tilgman Island Inn also has waterfront dining but is closed on Wednesdays.