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Jul 15, 2009 08:39 AM

Best Fish Restaurant/Dishes in the Valley?

Looking for some up to date recs on the best places for fish in the valley and maybe some good recs on specific dishes at those restaurants. I'd like to focus this topic on non-fastfood and non-fish and chips. I have some serious fish lovers in the family and need a good recommendation. Also, let's leave sushi to a different time and place as that is a different creature.

For starters, Eddie V's and Wildfish do a decent job with fish, but have been there many times and I'm looking for something new. The Salt Cellar is mediocre IMO, although I wonder if its a better experience now that there is no smoking. Thanks for the help.

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  1. While NOCA is not a seafood restaurant, they have been featuring a lot of fish and shellfish on the menu lately. Based on my experience at their recent seafood dinner event, I can say that Chef Curtiss and his crew definitely know how to pay respect to the ocean's bounty.

    3118 E. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

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      I had the scallops the last time at NOCA and they were fabulous. Perfectly cooked.

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        I recently had the halibut at NOCA (a fish I generally don't love) and it was outstanding. Their skate (when available) is also amazing.

    2. I like Mariscos Sinaloa for the whole grilled tilapia and the ceviche.

      Also, the King Salmon and the Halibut Cheeks at Quiessence are simply amazing.

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        A few other restaurants you may want to consider for seafood are Roy's, McCormick and Schmick, Mastro's Ocean Club and Ocean Prime.
        Granted thery are all chains...they put out a good product.

        McCormick and Schmick, Roy's and Ocean Prime are all running prix fixe dinners this summer!

        Ocean Club's Halibut and Sole are 2 of my favorite entrees...big enough to share w/ a salad and a few sides!

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          Yes, Roy's definitely. Good call.

      2. I love fish. After nearly 9 years, I find it's still hard to find a good fish restaurant or meal in the Valley.

        I agree with many of the options listed above. Noca does an outstanding job handling fish and seafood. I"ve never been let down at the Roy's in Chandler though can't speak to the Scottsdale location as we've never been there(the butterfish deserves its reputation as being excellent. I avoid anything stuffed or served with heavy sauces as those have been the few items I've been disappointed in at Roy's). We haven't been to McCormick's in a couple years but have typically had a good meal there(stick simple preparations here for greatest satisfaction).

        Tarbell's doesn't get much love around here anymore but I've been pleased with how fish has been handled there the couple times we've been, as well as a nice selection of options for fish and seafood. I had some outstanding halibut last time I was there.

        At the high end, Kai always does an outstanding job as well but the selection is limited. The last couple times we've been it's been salmon, ahi, and or/walleye. The walleye was really nice when we were there back in the spring.

        I was disappointed by the fish at Quiessence finding it highly oversalted. Overall we had a disappointing and awkward experience there however and need to get back and try again since we seem to be in the minority in our opinion.

        In Chandler, Latitude 8 has many fish and seafood offerings on their menu. If you're in the neighborhood and in the mood for Thai this could be a good option.

        I actually miss the now defunct Rockfish here in Chandler. Yes, it was a chain, yes there were many bad items on the menu, but the fish itself was generally always fresh and well-priced. Again, sticking with very simple preparations and leaving the offered sauces off, it was a good option when we didn't feel like cooking but wanted some fish for dinner.

        It's been many years since I was last there but I had an outstanding halibut dinner at Maestro's the last time we were there. I wouldn't hesitate to order fish there again based on that experience though we never find ourselves in that part of the world much.

        Lastly,for something on the inexpensive side, the Fish Market isn't bad. Again, keep it simple for best satisfaction. If you like Manhattan clam chowder they're one of the few places around that offer it.