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Baby friendly in Boston?

My dad will be visiting from the California in August and we are heading to Boston for a daytrip. I'm looking for a cool/funky/interesting/delicious place for lunch that is also fairly baby friendly and not too pricey! Any recommendations?

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  1. If pizza is okay, Picco in the South End is a good option. Excellent pizza and salads, a few pasta and sandwich options, decent beer/wine menu, and homemade ice cream. It's a pleasant space and it's bustling so you won't have to worry about the baby getting fussy. Nice area to walk around in afterward.

    Here's a current thread:

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      Thanks! Sounds like a great option!

    2. China Pearl (or one of the other dim sum houses) is very baby-friendly, funky for those who don't get it regularly, fun and affordable. Have been taking my kids there since they were old enough to sit in a highchair and they still love it.

      1. We take our 19 month old daughter lots of places. What neighborhood(s) will you be visiting on your day trip and where will you be coming in from? And what would you characterize as "cool/funky/interesting"?


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          We will be driving down from Portland and plan to hit the aquarium. We haven't decided quite yet what neighborhoods to hit but are open to any and all! My dad used to live in Jamaica Plain so I imagine we will stop in there. I suppose cool/funky/intersting to me means an exciting menu, something you wouldn't find everyday? I'm not really looking for soup, salad, sandwich...that kind of thing. Something ethnic and fabulous perhaps? Sorry to be a little vague and ambiguous, I haven't had the fortune to dine in Boston much and I am not sure what to expect! Thanks!

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            If you end up in JP for lunch, what about El Oriental de Cuba for cuban food? Your dad might want to take a trip down memory lane and go to Doyles, but of course that is just pub food.


        2. I love Sel de la Terre, it's right by the aquarium, and it's definitely baby friendly - but I'm not sure it fits the cool/funky/interesting qualification. Certainly delicious...

          1. If you are here on a Tuesday or Friday night, I would definitely check out Family Friendly nights at Aura. Chef Rachel Klein (who has a two year old) has created a best of both world's situation: your baby can eat home-made organic baby food and then play with lovely toys, while the adults can eat Chef Klein's delicious fusion fare. Aura, at the Seaport Hotel, is near the ICA which is also an excellent place to visit.


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              Awesome. Why don't more places do this? Anxious to check it out.

            2. mhartley, Portland, as you know, has a pretty vibrant restaurant scene. If you were looking for something to complement what's available there I'd recommend Chinatown. A serious Chinatown in its own right, no equivalent in Portland, and as much funk as you can handle. Lot's of good threads to be searched here if you are interested.

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                Agreed re: Chinatown, though be aware that some places do not have high chairs. If you have a portable booster seat, though, you're golden.