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Jul 15, 2009 07:02 AM

Best Gyro in Cambridge?

After reading today's New York Times article on gyros...I am hankering for one. While I am aware of places in Newton, I am seeking a good gyro close to home (Cambridge).

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

NYT gyro article:

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  1. Slim pickings, but the Greek Corner in North Cambridge (5 minute walk from Davis Sq) makes a very good gryo.

    Greek Corner Restaurant
    2366 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

    1. As NathanP suggests, Greek Corner's gyros is excellent. I also like the Half Shell on Mass Ave @ Linnaean for a more fast-food gyros of the sort mentioned in the article.

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      1. re: dtremit

        Thanks, I tried Greek Corner today and it was indeed excellent.

      2. I would recommend Greek Corner in North Cambridge as well. Also the otherwise unremarkable Stefani House of Pizza, near MIT, makes a quite good gyro.

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        1. re: lipoff

          Hey Lipoff, thanks for the tip way back about Skampa's roast beef sandwiches. And these recent posts about restaurants near MIT are full of surprises! First Thailand Cafe with the new sichuan menu, now Stefani Pizza makes good gyros? Do they make own? How's the bread? Is it better than Village Grill? Please tell more!

          1. re: azra

            Stefani making good Gyros is perhaps not as amazing as Skampa's Roast Beef. Stefani's pizza is not as bad as Skampa's pizza, and Stefani's gyro is not as good as Skampa's roast beef.

            Still, Stefani's gyro is on great bread --- very soft, almost spongy (in a good way), and thick pita bread, rolled and stuffed with gyro meat, fresh tomatoes, onion and lettuce with a nice sauce. I don't think they cut it off a vertical spit, but it's definitely freshly prepared --- not only is it warm and moist throughout, it takes almost ten minutes from the time you order it. Not worth a trip like Greek Corner, but it is my "go-to" place when the gyro craving hits since I work at MIT.

        2. Village Grill and Seafood on Magazine Street makes a good one.

          1. Does Greek Corner cut the meat from the vertical spit? So many places around here seem to have the gyro meat pre-cut and just warm it up.

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            1. re: Eatin in Woostah

              Not sure if the spit, or lack thereof, is visible at Greek Corner, so I certainly can't confirm or deny its existence. I can tell you it is hands down the best gyro I've had. All of the individual ingredients are fresh, flavorful, and clearly prepared with care and attention, including the meat, cut from the spit or not. My guess is that it is both cut from a spit and griddled on a flat top to brown it and crisp it up just a bit, but that's just a guess.


              1. re: Eatin in Woostah

                Yes, it is cut from a vertical spit! I spied while waiting for the bathroom.