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Jul 15, 2009 06:48 AM

Athenian Grill?

How is this place? I am thinking of going there for a birthday dinner. Any thoughts? Atmosphere? Food?

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  1. Their food is great, a little overpriced for lunch but consistently good. I personally have a soft spot for the lemon chicken soup and the pot roast (which lately has been a little salty).

    1. This place is AWESOME!!! The best Greek/Mediterranean in town. For a cafeteria-style service, it does seem pricey to pay $9-$13 a plate, but the plates are overflowing. Unless you stuff yourself, you should have leftovers.

      1. The owner, Anil, works his butt off daily to serve great Greek food. It's not cheap but it's yummy. The atmosphere....mmm....I'm not fond of the decor in the new digs. But hey! They have happy hour drink & appie specials and live Greek music, too.