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Has anyone eaten at Pintxo off of St. Denis in the last little while? There was a lot of buzz around this place a couple years ago and I was wondering if it was still good.

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  1. I've eaten here 3 times in the last couple of months, and each has been among the best experiences I've had out in Montreal. Food and service are excellent.

    1. i've been there a few months ago and i really enjoyed the experience too! I still prefer casa tapas though, their sangria kicks ass

      1. I went for the first time this winter and thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember some people in previous threads recommending that people just get pintxos opposed to the degustation, which is 4 pintxos and a main but I went with the latter and would do it again. The filet mignon with goat cheese was really nice and even though the pintxos are the chef's choice, they do inform you of what they will be. The night i was there, one of the pintxos was a salmon tartare. I asked if it was possible to have something else since I really don't like raw salmon and they changed it to a duck tartare.

        1. I had a great meal there in June. I had 7 pinxto's and it was a very filling meal.

          1. It is still excellent, I've had several wonderful meals there in the last little while. The food is wonderful, the wine list a lot of fun.

            However, it is not air-conditioned, so if you go on a hot night ( what luck, I seem to have gone on the only scorcher of a night this summer), dress very lightly.

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              Well, if it's hot, then, it a good "spanish" experience!!! (at leat that's the way I remember)

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                Thanks everyone for the great responses.
                What are the prices like?
                How much should I expect to pay for 2 people?

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                    If you like white wine, then you must absolutely get at least a glass of the Txacoli. It is a rare Spanish white, and it is fabulous with seafood. Also, the Godello was mind-blowing. Really wonderful white.

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                      Just for balance, if you like reds, I'm a big fan of the Lopez Cristobal Crianza :)

                      I haven't been to Pintxo lately, but I've eaten there quite a few times in the past. The tasting menu is good, but the chefs choice pintxos are pretty static and some come in smaller sizes (and pintxos are already small!)

                      I've tried all the pintxos on the menu except for the scrambled eggs with cod and, surprisingly, the mixed salad. A tasting menu of my favorites would feature the duo of fresh marinated crab and shrimp with pepper ($4), Basque cod fillet with pepper and fresh tomato sauce ($6), goat cheese ravioli with duck stew ($5) or beef cheek ($5), seared foie gras with lentils and sherry vinegar reduction ($6) and either the mushrooms stuffed with duck confit ($4) or sauteed wild mushrooms with escargot and parsley oil ($6). I don't particularly care for the marinated sardines, grilled (actually roasted - is that some sort of translation thing?) vegetables and white asparagus. I usually ordered 4-6 pintxos and my wife would order gazpacho, the duck ravioli and the filet mignon with goat cheese. Nice rolls (I think Au Pain Dore, but hearily warmed in the oven) to sop up extra sauce.

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                        I also really like the Lopez Cristobal! But I have been on a white wine kick, and had you been there the night I went during our limited heat wave, you might have had problems enjoying a red too... It was stinking hot!

                        I also love the beef cheek dish, and the fois gras. I am a huge fan of the morcilla, a wonderful dish for those who are fans of blood pudding. Last time, I had a delicious scallop dish, the octopus and the fig stuffed with jamon serrano and queso mahon, all were excellent, but the fig was something really special.

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                          I think the only time I've had the fig was in the dead of winter, which is a horrible time to be eating figs :o

                          Did they have any off-menu pintxos during your visits? The last couple of times I went they consistently had a "special pintxo" of golden beet and smoked salmon. Kind of like how the "fish of the day" has always been Basque cod :)

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                            No, I have never had any off-menu items... I didn't even know they offered them.

                            re: the fig, I suspect they use a reconstituted dried fig, it would be very hard to offer fresh figs all year long. If that is the case, then season wouldn't matter as much. I think the fig I had was previously dried, it had those crunchy seeds that are more prominent in dried figs. But I could be wrong... I'll get the fid again next time and concentrate, and see if I can tell...

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                              Huh. Maybe they switched because the fresh figs in winter were mediocre (and probably dreadfully expensive!)

                1. I go regularly and still think it's amazing! Really good quality food for the price!!

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                    We celebrated our anniversary with an amazing meal at pintxo this week. The avocado soup, perhaps with a hint of lime, was sublime and refreshing on a hot summer night. The waitstaff could not have been more helpful and provided expert guidance on fish dishes including octapus carpaccio, crab and shrimp with pepper, and marinated sardine. The beet dish also was right on. An elegant, affordable and fun evening.

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                      could two of us walk in - say tonight - or are reservations needed? thanks.

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                        Usually I would say you could walk in, but Friday and Saturday nights are alway busier, plus there is a lot of traffic in town these days what with students moving here with parents in tow... So for Friday or Saturday, I would call the day of and make sure there is room. Other days, yes you could walk in.

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                          to add to Moh's answer :
                          With the St-Laurent Street Fair, it might be less crowded since the access (by car/bus) could be more difficult.

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                          Avocado soup? That's a new one :) I ate my way through Pintxo's menu, but it seems that the board has been commenting on a few new items popping up, so I'm going to have to check it out again soon.

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                            its true I was down in old montreal this evening and there were crowds all over some taking in the special architectural light shows on this weekend but many in all the restaurants. Lots of outoftowners in for nascar race...
                            We did drop into Pintxo last Sunday evening and it was full which surprised me on a Sunday evening, it was a two hour wait for a table so we decided to eat at the bar which was comfortable as the bar had elongated chairs instead of stools. The menu was somewhat different than what is posted on line and there were some variations from the printed menu, since the substitute fish that evening was salmon we decided to go with the two lamb meals, different preparations, I chose the lamb rack which was very rare, fine with me but perhaps not others and my companion preferring more well cooked meats chose the jaret of lamb which was tender -- we had the degustation menu $30 which included 4 tapas and enjoyed every morsel! Many others around us were enjoying just sharing various tapas, all attractively presented.