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Jul 15, 2009 06:21 AM

Ceili Cottage -- concept OK, execution terrible

Went to Ceili Cottage last night with my wife for dinner, found it disappointing.

First, patio was full so we sat inside. Thought the inside looks like a bunker. Service was really slow and very disorganized. We tried to order the Tuesday ‘hash’ special, but the bartender said they had already sold out of the two pigs they had roasted on Sunday, so there was no special today. And I thought this daily special thing was supposed to be one of their core competencies.

I asked what he recommended and he said bangers and mash. So I asked for that and my wife had a smoked salmon plate. It took 60 minutes for our meals to arrive (this is after we had to remind the bartender that we were still waiting). The bangers and mash consisted of two sausages in some runny potatoes for 16 bucks! The salmon plate seemed okay, but since it was all cold, a 60 minute wait seemed very odd.

We live in the beach and because of the dearth of decent places to eat there, we had high hopes for Ceili. But this place needs serious attention, service is really bad, no one seems to be in charge even though Patrick was there. And I think the décor looks like a bomb shelter. The seating inside is very limited, so I really wonder how it will fare when the patio days are over.

Maybe they need to work out the kinks, but it will be sometime before we are back

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  1. It's not a restaurant, it's a dance school. And of course they have to charge you $16 for that plate of "food" as most places need to get a certain minimum amount per seat per hour.

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      Ate there tonight , Had good simple supper,(best Mussels in a loooong time-wild Irish) . place is busier than owners expected, still quality was high and service very good. will be back

      1. re: zxwaze

        They only opened in late June and I don't think they expected to be slammed with business so early and consistently. I've been twice so far and enjoyed myself both times.