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Jul 15, 2009 06:11 AM

Peddler's Village

Any suggestions for a special lunch in (or near) Peddler's Village? If I can resist filling up beforehand on scrumptious baked goods from the Village Bakery, I would like to treat a friend to a special lunch. "Special lunch" constitutes well prepared and not run-of-the-mill appetizers and entrees, wine or draught and desserts to remember.

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  1. Try Waterllilly's, just to the south of the Midway Fire Company. Easily within walking distance.

    1. We have had lunch at Sweet Lorraine's several times. It was wonderful each time.

      1. Villagio: Excellent Northern Italian
        Just Eat By Brown Gold: wonderful grill-centered bistro
        Porterhouse: Brew pub. Bar food on lower level, upstairs a bit pricy

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          I wasn't aware JEBBG was open for lunch. Every day?

          1. re: crazyspice

            It isn't.... any day. They open early on some holidays, (Mother's Day etc.) .

        2. Sweet Lorraine's Cafe and Bar in Peddler's Village has a beautiful deck and the menu is awesome - try the mac and cheese and meatballs is really good and the chicken and shrimp creole is a real treat - my friends dig the burgers - the Bahama Burger is the best!!! The place is new and fresh and cool!

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            I had lunch at Sweet Lorraine's Cafe last week and really enjoyed it. I had the grilled turkey sandwich with a side of cole slaw. Their cole slaw is awesome with blue cheese on top. They also serve homemade potato chips with their sandwiches which I love. Looking forward to returning for their happy hour specials.