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Prime Beef @ Costco

I was reading an article this morning stating that Costco is now selling prime beer for $9.99/lb. Don't get me wrong I like to support Savenor's, but at these prices, in this economy you cannot beat this deal. I usually wholesale shop at BJ's, can anyone confirm that the Costco's around here are selling Prime beef and if so what cuts at what price.

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  1. I don't feel bad about choosing Costco over Savenor's. Savenor's ships in the same frozen, vac packed primals that Costco sells. And they pay their employees less than Costco.

    I'll be going to Costco today, I'll ask about the prime meat. However, I have always been impressed by the quality of their choice meat.

    1. Confirmed and yes it's good and worth the Costco membership :-)
      The Everett one has it. Not sure which one is closest to you in Nahant...

      1. Costco's having been selling USDA Prime for sometime now and more Costco stores are being added weekly. It's a great value. Danvers, Waltham, Everett all stock USDA Prime. Soon in Nashua.

        1. I have been buying Prime rib-eye's from the Avon location for about six months now and have never been disappointed. For years I was always disappointed in their Choice rib-eye's but gave them another chance time after time because they looked great (well marbled).

          1. I've had both the rib-eye and sirloin strip from the Waltham Costco and both were well-marbled and delicious. In the $9-10/lb. range when I bought them.

            1. Yes, it's true and it's a fantastic value. The NY strips are selling at 10.99lb and the ribeye at 9.99- or vice versa, I don't remember.

              They're packaged at three to four steaks per and will run you around 27-32 for a pack of Ribeye or $35-40 for NY strips. The NY's are close to two inches thick and make great summer girllers. execlent value to get four prime strips, bout a pound each, for roughly $10 per.

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                Exactly right on all counts. I have tried the rib-eyes a number of times and they were great. I sprung for a package of the sirloin strips last week. I tried one and it was pretty good but not as good as the rib-eyes. Will have to see how the others come out before I reach a conclusion on the strips.

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                  These sound fantastic, have any of you ever seen anything other than strips or ribeyes....possibly Filet?

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                    Just those two cuts available the Everett Costco. The rib eyes were all great on each occasion that I purchased them

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                      You probably won't see the fillet in Prime, the Choice grade fillet is as about as tender as it gets also, their is no marbling in the fillet cut. Unfortunately, it's not too flavorful either.

                2. Costco definitely offers great value for beef. We've been buying there for years. I know Savenor, used to live two blocks away from the original store on Kirkland St.
                  But you need to be careful in selecting meat at Costco: the grades on prime beef is not high, compared w say WF.
                  Some of the prime rib eyes have much marbling.
                  I find the beef tenderloin there consistently good. Since prime or not, that cut is always tender. $8.99/lb is hard to beat.

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                    Just got back from Costco, I have to say that you really need to pick thru the steaks to find a good 3 per pack. Luckily I was the 1st person there. I got three gigantic ribeyes, probably 20 oz's each. I can't wait to grill these

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                      I've asked the butchers to custom, I wanted three large thick porterhouse steaks, cut with not problems.

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                        nahant, did you see the thread on PriceRite grass fed beef? wondering why you don't try that- so close to you.

                        oh, maybe you don't live in nahant now. i would really like to know how the price rite grass fed compares to the costco.......

                        1. re: opinionatedchef

                          I actually saw that thread about Price Rite and went there the other day but there was literally no beef left at all at 5:30 on a Sunday. I've since moved into the city from Boston, but I stil have family in the greatest town in MA.

                          I'll have to try price right again.

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                            Make sure you give them a call before you head out to make sure they haven't run out (they even run out of things like yogurt and milk at times - standard for PR, ha!)

                            I tried it once and have a second piece waiting in the fridge - thought it was really good, but beef is not a fav of mine (really got it more for my son - he loved it).

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                              As far as grassfed beef, is it only skirt and flank that they carry?

                              1. re: NahantNative

                                No, I bought sirloin. They may have had other cuts, too - can't remember. Next time they have flank when I'm there, I'm going to try it for bracciola.

                                Want to mention - as far as beef prices there go, the only decent prices (for me) is the grassfed beef. But then again, I'm really cheap. ;-)

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                                  It sounds very reasonable for grassfed. I'm not a beef snob who only buys prime, but at 9.99/lb its a good alternative to going out to eat. My girlfriend and I can usually split one of the ribeyes which break down to like $13-14 per steak. I dont think we're going to see prices like this, or even prime beef at Costco once the economy turns around.

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                                    they had lots of diff cuts when we went the second time (after calling. definitely call first, because there was nothing there the 1st time we went.) they're now in the frzr and frig(cryovac) and will report after eating some.

                    2. To make it better, if you buy the entire ribeye and butcher yourself, remove lip fat and slice into whatever size you want, price drops to @ $ 7.10/lb. Entire one is about 15 lbs.

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                        Prime T-Bones at Costco today for $9.99 a pound.

                      2. we bought some prime nystrips last week and they were simply amazing. agree with the previous poster about having to search thru the packages for a good combo..but when you do, man, you're in for a treat. we used a ground coffee rub, served simply with arugula and lemon, medium rare. it was so flavorful, so juicy and a great price!