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Jul 15, 2009 05:50 AM

Prime Beef @ Costco

I was reading an article this morning stating that Costco is now selling prime beer for $9.99/lb. Don't get me wrong I like to support Savenor's, but at these prices, in this economy you cannot beat this deal. I usually wholesale shop at BJ's, can anyone confirm that the Costco's around here are selling Prime beef and if so what cuts at what price.

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  1. I don't feel bad about choosing Costco over Savenor's. Savenor's ships in the same frozen, vac packed primals that Costco sells. And they pay their employees less than Costco.

    I'll be going to Costco today, I'll ask about the prime meat. However, I have always been impressed by the quality of their choice meat.

    1. Confirmed and yes it's good and worth the Costco membership :-)
      The Everett one has it. Not sure which one is closest to you in Nahant...

      1. Costco's having been selling USDA Prime for sometime now and more Costco stores are being added weekly. It's a great value. Danvers, Waltham, Everett all stock USDA Prime. Soon in Nashua.

        1. I have been buying Prime rib-eye's from the Avon location for about six months now and have never been disappointed. For years I was always disappointed in their Choice rib-eye's but gave them another chance time after time because they looked great (well marbled).

          1. I've had both the rib-eye and sirloin strip from the Waltham Costco and both were well-marbled and delicious. In the $9-10/lb. range when I bought them.